Natural networks shrink, virtual world expands. We become more isolated.

The laws of nature are certain, but the human mind is uncertain.

We are constantly working like slaves for an unknown system that controls us.

We keep two books in our life. One is for self with all pages on self- existence alone, and another is a rule book for others.

Pests are killed. Straws are burned and seeds are eaten what remains is nature’s mercy. We burn that too at our will.

We misunderstand that the world belongs to us alone. We torture animals and all other life’s. At the end, They will survive. We will Vanish!

We make machines for a seamless and easy life. Or is it slavery?

We are good manipulators, smart enough to do it in our favour.

Relationship becomes artificial when money is involved. Unfortunately today all relationships’ are money oriented.

I like endless roads, which leads human less world.

We don’t consider other lives on the earth, and think it is a support system God created for us.

When we make ourselves happy, everything around us automatically converts into happiness.

If murder is a crime why a judge is not punished

Crime is a byproduct of complicated life.

When children are different, why one syllabus for all?

Life may be defined in many comprehensive ways. But in simple the deeds come from a feel of the moment, nothing else!

I will make noise, till I don’t get an answer.

I wish to terminate the agreement with the religion called ‘Humanity’.

Hurdle free express ways offer you a hopeless future

Justice is a myth; only the system needs it, not the people.

Science says even Siamese can’t read each other’s mind, but we often claim we can understand other’s easily.

Lie and truth are a myth; still, we are in search of truth

Ailments are crafted by humans, yet culprit is a mere microbe!

We exchange life with money

We are living in such a democracy, where there are no people left.

I feel ashamed being a human, who does injustice to other co-beings.

Money can’t give solutions to all our problems. Still, we believe money is the only solution to all our problems.

Most often heart gets blamed for brain’s decisions.

Unlike other religions, world’s biggest religion called ‘humanity’ can be criticized well.

Like any other species, we are here to procreate. What if that becomes our only purpose for living?

Every seed we crush has a dream to become a plant.

Expectations are rarely met, still we expect a lot. We forget every individual is different.

As a species, we have little knowledge of the universe. But we are well versed in the artificial world that we have created for ourselves.

The time the human world leads a natural life, is the time I can rest my pen and write nothing.

Life is simple, but we are stuck between our own-created wall of right and wrong.

Humans self-destruct for the betterment of an unhappening tomorrow.

Nature never needed any engineering. Still, we couldn’t compete with its talent.

We believe we can fill up all holes with money, but we forget it is just a medium.

The earth may be unaware of our presence. But we challenge her as if we are her master.

Our dictionaries have insufficient words to unravel all our feelings.

Humans are experts in making their own chain to lock themselves.

Had there been a choice, I would have never chosen to be born as a human.

Our trials for easy life have taken us to tragedies. Chimpanzees would be laughing at us.

We created Gods and Godmen too. Still we are in search of peace.

If one day Google stops its maps, we may unlearn driving.

Sometimes language is a burden for us.

“Can it be sarcastic that our future urban apartments will not have kitchens because urbanities fear insects and microbes?’’

Seeing today’s love, I feel love is mythical and infatuation is real.

Your best friend is only you in this world, so bring him out and have a coffee

We don’t know the route of our last journey; otherwise, we could have made a road there too.

Travel like a falling leaf that neither owes an answer to the tree nor anyone waits for its return. I wish I could do so.

Making further damage on another damage to derive a calculated result is called research.

Unfortunately, the democracy has made more inequalities.

On a simple road, our journey is natural to artificial and super-artificial. Finally, a full-fledged machine is not eligible to live.

The devil never pours poison into its drinking water, but we don’t hesitate. Then who is a devil in the making?

A calendar has forced us to make future plans.

Nature offers us 80 years of peaceful life. We choose 50 years of stressful life.

In an accident, we don’t get time, but the accident itself is an outcome of this time.

Let’s keep our knowledge limited and stop searching for more, or else we will end up in more complexities.

Our learning syllabus covers everything under the sun except lessons on life and nature.

We always struggle for answers in life. But we never get it. Better to mould our own God and converse with him.

The day when meat, milk and eggs are prepared in labs commercially would be the last for domestic animals.

Birds are the leading seed suppliers, but we don’t need that anymore. We need hybrids over them.

In nature’s rule, no consent is necessary, but give and take when there is a need. We call this love or mental status.

We stopped river flows to make dams. When a flood washes out everything, we blame nature.

The same coffee gives a different taste to different individuals. When we blame the coffee, we forget that each individual has a different perception.

The human being is the weakest animal on earth. For survival, nature has rendered him a brain, which has eventually become a dangerous weapon.

Plastic waste that we dump returns to us through our food. Nature creates no waste, only humans make it.

We need a permanent demonetization to correct us and rescue ourselves from all our greed.

Seeking endless luxuries is equivalent to seeking an end of humaneness.

A cell phone is the most dangerous machine ever made, unfortunately we can convey this only through a cell phone.

The drug is not new, but the network is. Rather, blame those gadgets and parents than the drug and children.

The journey from animal to super-human was long and outsmarting. Nature can still throw us back to the origin in a split second.

There is a drastic change in our lifestyle. I fear there is possibility humans will make their way out with the non-availability of healthy reproductive cells.

Greediness is a fuel that propels us to chase money.

Our fantasy thoughts have created a fast moving world. Yet we believe time is moving fast. Time is always still, but we fleet it.

There is no law called truth. It is nothing less than a justification by words in an argument.

Out of millions of sperms an egg chooses the healthiest one to create a baby. These sperms do not attack the eggs. Instead, they merge. That’s the biggest lesson of nature.

Humans are not immortals to make permanent structures on earth.

We claim that humans are civilized, but in reality animals are more civilized than human.

Truth is unique to everyone. Better we innovate a ‘new technology’ to find the real one.

The next time you come across a problem, please tell your hart, its less than your life, approach it calmly.

Killing for food is neither cruel nor a crime, but for revenge, pleasure or to stockpile is completely unjust, and animals do not do that.

We are the only species who guard conception as obscene and hide the truth from children.

In our retina, sapiens are the only beings on the planet.

If children are precious, let them uncurl and learn to own their own, rather than imposing our thoughts. Surely that will work wonders.

Credibility has been transformed from words into paper in the human world. A signed document is more valuable than a hard word.

If life is precious, why is it that all lives on earth are not protected?

If money is the criterion, poor and rich will exist. But when life will be the criterion, there will be no poor or rich.

If there is a common law and justice for all life on earth, every single human will be punishable.

Another earth must be invented to provide luxurious shelter of all humans on earth.

We are always trying to make history by writing history with no connection to history.

Fear of demonetization compelled us to save money in digital currency, but what if technology malfunctions one day?

Animals consume plastic unknowingly, but we make, use, and eat it knowingly.

The people who make ‘millions’ by poisoning the harvest are seeking out organic ingredients for their own kitchen. Strange!

Technology robs talent and wisdom. In return gifts an easy-life with knowledge and forever slavery.

All the beautifully packed products in the showcase must have a sad story to tell.

When we start to learn numerical, we fell in love with the numbers. There began the countdown.

We are users of the earth but behave like masters and interfere with our half knowledge!

All developmental inventories of humans come with a disaster. Kudos to that!

Man devised success and failure and normalized them as two pages of life. Unfortunately, none of us want to flip to the second page.

Science is a Masterpiece Art of making and breaking its own theories. That is an infinitive process.

Nobody has an unnoticed life today. All are monitored constantly via some “Radars”.

Want to see the world’s deadliest animal on earth? You may look in the mirror!

We know pesticide is a poison. But we never mind if it is a slow poison.

An inorganic way of life makes life stressful. To come out of that, we have devised methods that have made our life more stressful.

I am afraid!!! Plastic was invented as the start of mankind’s extinction on earth.

We compromise our mental health for a “luxurious life.”

Farmers who make sugarcane may not be aware of how they support multi- specialist doctors and hospitals.

There is always a chance to start over in life. A single smile can erase all old resentments.

People can spoil our minds very easily, but our minds have the power to clean up everything.

Smart phones are killing conversation. We are losing the ability to have deeper conversations.

Despite being weaker than microbes, we are confident of eradicating them with antibiotics, forgetting that a dose is self-destructive.

As our world gradually becomes artificial, we never anticipate that our mind carries only illusions to integrate with the artificial world.

Often people grasp the opposite of what is heard. Still, we don’t see how language spoils the world.

In many ways, I feel humans are enemies of their own lives, as if life were a stranger to them.

As long as we set our standards of living based on what others do, it will never match because all individuals are unique.

The problem will always be with us if we consider anything an issue, and we waste a lot of energy thinking about it when, in fact, none of it can be resolved regardless.

One of the funniest aspects of marriage is that when you become a member, it forces others too to join, like a chain of command.

Our lives are so silly that holding our breath for a while makes us lifeless. Yet we believe we are in charge of the world.

The secret of happiness lies in every small thing in life, so living a simple life and finding happiness in every little moment is really a matter.

With certain developments, we are preparing for an uncertain tomorrow

People don’t change; only our perspective does. We are blind to this fact.

I feel jealous of wild animals and birds who live their short lives to the fullest and more happily.

Life for humans, is about completing some meaningless goals, while it is about living for other creatures.

The more you explain, the deeper this will reach deaf ears. Better justify ourselves.

Unknown problems need solutions, so we are looking for them.

While we created a lot of departments to care for animals and forests, staying away from them will be their best defense.

It is crucial to read stories more than history because stories are at least someone’s creative endeavor.

Our lives are spent gaining knowledge, and we live our entire lives pursuing it. Unfortunately, precious things rarely come to our rescue.

As food became a commodity, our countdown began.

Tomorrow is a myth, and humans are addicted to myths

We approach the earth as if she were our enemy, and slow poison works better for her

A dream called “Tomorrow” fuels human life today. If we stop dreaming and come down, we may gain the benefits of today.

Rather than living, humans are competing, and no one is willing to compromise

The notion that education leads to wisdom is a myth, as education has no connection to wisdom.

Living a fruitful life is not in human’s dictionary.

Humans believe they know everything under the sun, but they are even largely unaware of their own food resources.

It is our superstitious belief that only humans have the ability to think while other creatures don’t; in fact, they are even more capable.

When it comes to gender delineation, the distance between being male or female is very narrow. still, we keep the ones who fall in between in the backyard.

The earth is a rented place for us humans, who captured it and made it their territory. Now, we want to kill the owner.

Millions of lives are part of a tree’s life, but humans don’t even allow others to live, and they don’t hesitate to cut them down.

While we’re concerned about saving our co-beings, we forget to co-exist.

In liberalism, slavery is a virtue.

Once, different languages were the only barrier to communication, yet there was minimal miscommunication. Today, language is no longer a significant obstacle, yet miscommunication remains prevalent.




The knife doesn’t get thrown away when it causes an injury; instead, we think of it as an experience, just like if somebody hurts us, that’s also an experience.

Earth might seem to hold any load, but it can shed everything in a couple of seconds.

Without a vehicle in front, we can’t overtake, so we always need a competitor. We train primarily for overtaking.

A murder attempt qualifies as a crime, so thinking about murder should, too.

Eventually, if you learn to put your experiences in a positive light, you will be able to lead a peaceful life.

We build more flyovers instead of reducing vehicles since we only have one problem: traffic jams.

In our misunderstood world, all changes are seen as progress, and I feel petty about humans.

In Search of Dependency and Easy Living, We Ended Up In Heavy Duty.

You can heal your pain by listening to nature’s rhythm

Let the snow soak our matchboxes, stopping more fires.

Is there any greater folly or sordid fun than eating torturous animals’ hardened flesh and making laws to protect the victims?

Crime doesn’t exist without a system

The Homo sapiens species is also a follower; even our so-called leaders aren’t exceptional.

Enough devices are there to measure the temperature, but none to reduce heat. A sad reality of modern humans!

First, what will technology remove from humans? So called brain or emotional feelings? or both at once.

Human touch should be restricted if there is any hope of turning the globe green again.

Crimes are classified by who committed them.

Growth is the most misunderstood concept in modern times. When we relate it to the human colony and its commercial growth.

Globally, only one religion is accepted and widely spread: Economics

Our fear of our own species leads us to build taller walls

We pollute everywhere and later foulcry to purify it

A mild poison, education makes us blind

Can a person escape the human - created system called society when it comes to individual freedom?

As long as an expectation of an award is the inspiration behind a creative, what makes it a classsic?

If a robot becomes our leader, we\'ll praise him because he has power

Intolerance makes us uncompetitive, as we lose the courage to compete and think that destroying our opponents is the best way to defeat them.

Instead of being wiped out by pollution, I chose to become food for tigers.

Four - legged animals walk with more pride and peace in life than humans with two legs.

When learning is a process for other lives, it becomes teaching for humans.

Although we created the government for our protection, they now own every single piece of wealth we create and we work hard to keep them in power.

Humans believe they can survive without even land.

Through imagination, we created a \"Better Hell\" on the earth out of ourselves for ourselves.

In our law books, there is no room for our co-beings.

The man walked out of a large forest to become the owner of a small parcel of land.

Making soap, our first pollution on the planet, must bring us concern about hygiene.

We are responsible for fish dying in lakes, animals dying in forests, and people dying on roads, but we have no recourse.

Even though we left the forest long ago, we still invade it for our greed.

While we talk endlessly about freedom, we stand against it individually.

Here's a thought about how the mind makes us mentally ill.

There is no terrorism greater than democracy.

Feel petty about our wisdom when we mistakenly identify rat poison\'s smell as a rat\'s.

Despite the same journey, two travellers have different views on seeing, but humans never understand this bitter fact.

Wisdom is barricaded by education.

The democracy cannot digest the democracy

When humans move around the place becomes dirty. It is wise to keep them away from the earth.

Their beauty is superior to ours, so we have become their followers, but we don\'t accept this fact.

Modern life leads to deficiency.

If God is there he will be ashamed of such a filthy place we have created in his honour.

As humans, we cannot win over animals, so we kill them instead.

If humans finally abandon their mother earth, it will be a mountain of squandered goods, where nothing will flourish again. Copied!

Technology is supposed to improve communication but ends up causing fights.

The system is created for the sake of the sytem, not for commoners.

There could have been a common God for all lives, making us all imprisoned.

Dishonesty is the foundation of our empire called \\

Every state defines crime differently. So what is a crime? Or does the state create it?

The human race is intelligent. So we redirected our journey towards the end.

The moment you are born, you become a property of a human colony. Unfortunately, you will never have the opportunity to realise the essence of life.

Although humans deny it, everything we create is merely a manipulation, even his mindset.

Life on earth would not have existed had our ancestors thought like us.

When an AI judge runs the court of justice, can a human get due justice?

I wish, for my life, I could not beg any humans who is the ultimate destroyer of other species

Hypothetically I can argue that justice is merely a comparison of lives, as comfort is just an art of mindset.

Since humans have no empathy for other lives, they don\'t deserve sympathy.

My happiness is connected to I am free from the race

We have converted our world into an artificial one, but we construe it as if it is the real one.

Though we cheat ourselves every day, we expect others to be honest with us.

I love tolerance, when it walks with opponents, but when it faces me, I turn away.

Happiness is not something we acquire, it is an art of the mind. Be an artist.

First, I learned about boundaries, then no boundaries for dreams. When dreams cross all boundaries, I have stopped being a confused child my whole life.

When the right stands with you, it’s standing on someone else’s left , so right for u isn’t always right

Love is unconditional, anything conditional isn\'t love

We are important to us, not to others. When we realize this, time must pass.

Butterflies know their lives are short, but they still keep flying.......

Rather than enjoying beauty of fire flies, we investigate reasons for fire.

In time godfathers of AI will fall under the control of machine technology.

The act of foolishness can be nothing more than a judgement of another\'s point of view, as everyone is right in their own way.

There is a big story behind the rain. When it blesses a plant, it touches the plant\'s feelings to make a bigger story.

We have so many words to communicate. Yet, it is often tough to understand what others say. THEN WHY IS THERE A LARGE VOCABULARY BANK?


Artificial Intelligence is changing the relationship between colonised humans.

We perceive judging others as a bad habit, but everyone judges others according to one\'s equation own viewpoint.

Learning is a process, and we learn from life everyday, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Guru is omnipresent, as we owe respect to everyone who compliments us.

In place of happiness and health, society forces you to make wealth, even if it serves no purpose.

Two rights can\'t stand together, the beauty of right lies in its opposition.

It\'s hard for the brain to obey the heart since it\'s well trained.

\"The modern child often bypasses the joys of childhood, teenage, and young adulthood, missing out on essential experiences and growing up too quickly.\"

\"Freedom is not just a mere right. It is a natural inheritance or one that nature has bestowed upon us.\" \"Freedom is life, that all living beings deserve.\"

When we build up our humanity with bricks of LIES, plastered by SUSPICION, and paint it with COMPETITION. how can we expect this structure to endure?


Voice serves different purposes for different living beings. While humans primarily use it for enjoyment and annoyance, for other species, it is a vital means of survival.

Chasing money alone makes us forget what truly matters, and we only realize this when it\'s too late.

Wishing you a happy and safe Diwali filled with joy and light!

We still haven't invented anything to infuse breathing air into our bodies; yet another selling opportunity is in the yard.

Humans often appreciate success ,but without experiencing failure, one may not truly understand the true sweetness that comes with victory

Why do we always search for happiness when it is already inherited within us naturally?

Since the dawn of time,we have relentlessly chased after it,forgetting that time itself is merely a measure.


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