Why nothing stops a rapist?

Nov 8, 2022

While the sanctity of human relationships runs south, aggressive sexual crime runs north. Evil minds have their way to hijack the fine print of the law that is supposed to protect the victim.

When we moved away from the animal world to an inhuman world with cat-fighting, we must had complaints about the animal systems and activities. Other animals are not civilised. Hence their living rules are also uncivilised. We boasted about our civility.

Civilisation and modernisation followed the consolidation of human culture. We legalised every action of ours to have a framework of civilisation that we presumed would ensure our right to live a decent life in modesty. The civilised system is supposed to protect the physically weak from the assaults of physically stronger opponents. But the assaults, especially sexual assaults are rampant keeping the law in the fine print.

In the modern world, mutual consent is the golden rule for everything. Anything physical without mutual consent can be an assault. And that is indeed an assault.

In social gatherings or even within an extended family, a show of any physical interest without mutual consent is an unacceptably serious offence, physical abuse. That’s an assault on a weaker victim’s modesty; no less than a barbarity.

Our cultural watermark is fading as our civilisational template is becoming irrelevant. A husband can be punished for domestic violence if the wife is at loggerheads with him.

If we go back to the animal kingdom, we can understand one thing, without a natural consent nothing is happening there. Unlike humans, they are very decent about the behaviour and approach to their peers during mating. Elephants mate once in a year for certain period of time and how beautifully they pass their urge to mate to the partner by rubbing to the trees and releasing some happy pheromones’.

Not only elephants, other animals don’t force to mate, they wait for a mutual consent. In that sense, who is more cultured? Still human will value only documentary consent as a proof.

Today, the world is more open and laws are more often amended to plug crimes. People become more educated. But there is no mitigation of the crime rate. Some ‘humans’ still enjoy the abusive tendency of unnatural sex and decipher their vicious impulses as unbecoming civilised humans. Some do it consciously. It becomes abominable savagery when a man deciphers his urge on his mother, daughter, sister or sister-equivalent ones. Their savage mind never let them sense the sentiment of their prey. They seem to be trapped in a savage DNA but try to live like humans. In the society we live, we see raped women suffer the worst agony in their life. Their rehabilitation from the traumatic situation through counselling is a challenging social work. For some, it is a lifelong trauma.

They face many social limitations and inabilities. There are circumstances under which rape victims are unable to speak out because of their fear of social alienation and other consequences. For this reason, they get no legal benefits. Even if they seek legal aid, the torments of trials and cross-questioning in the court of law would render them the damage that would be more than the damage of the rape. That would only add to their shame and compel them to push the assault under the carpet.

No one knows who carries the savage DNA that drives the rapists. That makes our home unsafe for our dear ones. When we read that 60-70% of sexual harassment is perpetrated by relatives or friends, we are afraid of everyone. To add to the worry, some parents are not bothered about it. This social behaviour renders the insane citizenry with irreparable trauma. On the other hand, rapists secure a clean chit.

Laws are laws that hardly comprehend the feelings of a rape victim even when courts convict the criminals. More influential evil minds escape the noose of the law and repeat the crime as if licensed to practice it.

When the savage DNA combines with the so-called trendy lifestyle, crimes go out of control. Gradually that becomes the order of the day. We need to make our choice according to our civilisational understanding.

We also need to examine where we go wrong looking beyond the fault lines of the savage sense. Of course, we will spot the patch of education. We believe sex education is a prohibitive social sin. Teachers will skip reproduction biology from teaching the subject to teenagers finding it difficult to teach because we look at the chapter as if it is something vulgar in our vulgar minds.

In one part of the world, women want their veils lifted to a life free from the dictatorial dress code, in another part of the world women are compelled to live in the wraps of clothes. The sexual crime graph continues to run north.