Who will bell the cat?

Sep 26, 2022

It is high time to open a debate on how well modern medicine saved human lives and
how well its business grew to leave behind an increasing number of patients. Drug
giants thrived on the sickness of people. There is no count of deaths caused by a drug
reaction, drug overdose and drug resistance. This fact has never come to light also.
Let’s pray for a commission of inquiry into the medical genocide.

Historians believe human life has been in existence on earth since millions of years ago. Jeanne Clement, born in 1875 and died in 1997, proved a human being can live up to 122 years. Many living examples have proved human beings can live for more than 100 years. No one exactly knows, other than playing a guessing game, how long human beings lived in the pre and post-historic period. Ageing researchers are still groping in the dark.

If you dig into the history of modern medicine, you may get a trace of its major influence only in the last quarter of the 20th century. When you imagine the whole period of human existence as a single calendar period between January and December, you may see the time of modern medicine’s emergence only at the final second of the December closing day. So short is its age of existence in history and service to mankind. Unbelievable! It hasn’t influenced human evolution or more influencing now but is altering the future course of life into a more serious turn. Ultimately, that is the result of its neglect of traditional medicines’ treatment logics. It is built on the capital power that is swallowing the human beings now. The modern medicines, which are densely filled in drug stores’ cupboards, show how rapidly the number of consumers has risen.

Until two centuries ago “allopath” was “considered highly derisive by regular medicine,” which later flourished heroically, to justify the term heroic medicine, largely because of capitalism and reorientation of healthcare as a business. Much before the emergence of modern medicines, all the primitive civilisations, be it Babylonian, Egyptian or Indian, had in their texts remedies for illness. For more than one and half centuries, it tried to dismantle traditional medicines like usurpers. Almost all early-day modern medicines were later withdrawn, proving them unsafe after killing millions of people. We need to remember this fact at this juncture as we see unlimited drug overdose in the name of Covid-19 treatment. To treat the drug overdose, there is another set of medicines. The chain of medicine after medicine goes on endlessly carrying with it miseries of human beings.

The system of modern medicine gained popularity only in the last quarter of the twentieth century; or say in the last three or four decades. The early years saw many adventures and test failures. Still, modern medicines could swallow the space of all traditional medicines and build their hegemony. Now the modern medicines’ subjugation over logical traditional treatment methods, which treat patients rather than diseases, is complete. But let us not forget, this planet had human lives and lived millions of years. There is no authentic data available to say, the life span of human beings in those years was much lower. There is no believable data that shows higher death rates due to disease but by famine or by natural calamities. The system of treatment was a part of every civilization. The treatment system survived centuries after the downfall of most of the civilisations. Even now the systems are alive for the namesake but remain stained by the shadow of the aggressive allopathy called modern medicine.

Allopathy conquered the world, say the human world, at an astonishing speed. Allopathy virtually means a fictional empire run by drug czars whose wings are fearfully wide. Theirs are the last words about the treatment. Doctors, who cannot have a different say on any medicine sold by influential pharma companies, are merely executors of their plots and plans.

More astonishing is its clout, dictating power and unquestionable influence over rulers of all continents. It has acquired the power to decide how long a human being should live and how well each human being could be made as to its business customers. Every seller likes to control the buyer’s market. Drug companies like to control the patient’s market. Their business prospects depend on more people becoming perennially sick with one or the other disorders. The goal is struck. The entire human lives on the earth under the clutch of the drug czars. Every day, more people become sick. This means more people fall under its clutches every passing day. Even if a person can survive for a day without food, he cannot survive a day without medicine. We are yet to open our eyes and look for the reason for this sorry state. Who is profiting on this sorry state of human beings? Strange! More than a terrific lethargy!!

We cannot make the situation better. The mirage called modern medicine has trapped us so dangerously in its net wherefrom an escape is unthinkable with our limited ability to question any medical logic. The death rate is on the rise. Life span is reducing, though ageing researchers do their work only to help drug developers justify their business.

Most of our ancestors never had seen a doctor. They were never concerned about health issues. I haven’t heard of them ever going to a medical check-up during their lifetime. They lived a happy life without restriction on the food they used to like. Their energy and immunity levels were far better than their next-generation, who begin to visit doctors after the age of 25. The increasing size of the population after the age of 25, becomes chronically sick. The blame falls on a poor lifestyle. But the actual reason for making a person chronically sick is the wrong beginning of medication. Doctors’ last words never induce anyone to hear another opinion, after all, everyone is afraid of bad health. Allopathy could brandish so big an impact that makes a patient refuse to seek an alternate opinion. Even if the patient takes another opinion from allopathy doctors, the view may be strange.

The evidence-based treatment legacy of modern medicine, however, made more people perennially sick. Yet, the fact is unquestioned because of modern medicine’s façade called research data and scientific evidence. However, no one tried to gather any scientific data of people who died untimely due to drug-induced diseases or wrong treatments. The covid-19 death rate is one of the best examples. Most patients died because of the wrong use of medicines. We cannot expect any inquiry into the dead bodies and ascertain the chemistry that caused the death. The government of any country in the world will also have to remain helpless. Even pro-active governments will have to remain content with the answers served by the monarchs of modern medicine. Ultimately, all evidence seekers will have to swallow the excuses that the medical fraternity offers.

In the early days of the pandemic, people thought allopathy was losing the battle. But it could soon retrieve its space more strongly, or say aggressively. Half-done research works moved into re-profiling for the treatment of new anti-viral strains. Large drug companies could ship out their old stocks. All old stocks have been injected into the Covid-19 patients in rare opportunities that the drug makers got. They managed to procure emergency approvals, showing data that they submitted to the regulators of their home countries and sold many drugs for a killing price. Our regulators had no time to verify the data as the outcry for a solution from various quarters surfaced suddenly.

Astonishingly, none has ever noted the danger of signing a pact with foreign drug companies for vaccinating its citizens before completion of all the phases of trials without any indemnity. More horribly, the companies want all legalities under their home country’s jurisdiction. They want to supply millions of jabs to India for a price they quote and do the business freely without taking any risk of vaccine failure on their shoulders! This is how modern medicine makers overrule the third world governments, who do not have many choices but to give themselves into their hands. Indian companies will set the same tune.

Works for many vaccines also began briskly. The attempt for a therapeutic solution did not gain speed as global drug giants were sitting on huge unsold baggage, which they wanted to sell somehow. As the process of vaccine development and test gained speed, some leaders could procure emergency approval also for final trials in the name of emergency use. When the hesitancy rose, the second wave swept across the countries where more people were reluctant to go for the vaccination. As the Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, who is known for controversial statements, pointed out the truth. Vaccination drive during the pandemic period was unheard of in human history. With the chance of mutation and the emergence of new strains, which have the antibody, a vaccine could be more dangerous. Some news sources quoted him saying “all those who have taken the vaccine may die in two years.” The claim that he denied later. When I shared this news with one of my friends, he returned with another news clip that explained Luc’s view. No scientist ever responded to Luc’s opinion, as if all are afraid of opening a debate on the subject. That shows a deepening mystery within the pandemic, inside rulers’ plot and the interest of drug makers.

Medical science cannot be thrown into the hands of those who indulge in forgery in the name of science. Drugmakers have the responsibility to respond to public outcry against them for so many deaths and inexplicable post-recovery complications. Side effects are either because of wrong medicines or drug overdose.

India’s regulatory authority of medical research, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said the latest more serious side effect, mucormycosis, called black fungus, is caused possibly by drug overdose. Who was responsible for this? There was a treatment protocol in place. Still, no one is found guilty! If someone suspects that this has been a ploy to create a market for medicines that had no market, can his conclusion be construed as wrong? The medicine, liposomal amphotericin B for the treatment of black fungus is costlier reportedly between ₹ 5000 and ₹6000, double the price it was sold earlier. More companies are planning to launch this product. We also need to see how many multinational drug czars are getting ready to retool their factories for making this so that we can estimate how far the black fungus is going to proliferate.

A belligerent lobby lays a big shield against any questioning of the logic of modern drugs and the marketing strategy of drug czars. When Baba Ramdev spoke bluntly, either prepared or extempore, there were big hues and cries against the yoga and Ayurveda business king. There is freedom for everyone to move a libel suit against him for saying what he had seen. But could anyone prove what he said was wrong? When Baba said so, what made the Indian Medical Association (IMA), feel so deeply hurt that compelled it to threaten him?

Is IMA afraid of any backlash in the aftermath of so many deaths and reports of drug overdoses that make people sick lifetime in some cases? IMA has no locus standi to retain the name “Medical” since it does not accommodate professionals from other streams of medicines. Its terrific disposition even challenges the government. Somewhere, there should be room for open debate. There should be answers to so many deaths and alarming levels of sickness. And there should be someone answerable for all the crime of death and sickness. Will the government assign someone to judge who has been at fault? Who will open the door of debate is the final question.