War: innocents bear the brunt

Dec 16, 2023

The leaders, cozying up in the ivory towers, can declare war and order soldiers to fight. The leaders are safe and feel no remorse over the death of people in the battle. They regret no loss. Ultimately, even their show of weapon power fails to give them the desired result. 

Israel declared war in response to the Hamas attack. Understandably, leaders want to show their strength and style of protecting their citizens. However, they need to be sensible about the safety of people holistically. Showing their strength shouldn’t be a display of what weapons they possess. 

In this case, instead of defending Israelis and isolating Hamas, Netanyahu declared war on the Palestinians, knowing that they were weak and unable to fight back. But he underestimated the new friends. They can turn away at any time. That is what happens now. Saudi Arabia called for an Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting. The IOC opposes Israel’s fight with innocents who have the right to defend themselves. Fighting with innocents will not get any support from anyone except the US and Europe in the Israel issue. By taking a more compassionate approach, Israel could have avoided a potential world war.

In this situation, Netanyahu could have chosen to fight against Hamas alone and support the Palestinians. This approach would have garnered support from the entire world, including some Islamic countries. 

Israel has recently built good relationships with countries like Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Israel displayed extreme arrogance and inhumanity by cutting off water, food, and electricity supplies. 

Israel’s actions have forced Arab nations to support the disadvantaged Palestinians. Israel ordered Palestinians to leave northern Gaza within 24 hours. This ruthless aggression only fuels support for Hamas in Arab nations and within their homeland.

While Israel has the right to defend its border and people and chase the attackers fighting with extreme anger, killing innocents in actions cannot be a lasting solution. War has devastating consequences. Just imagine what impact this war will have on the people of Israel. As a tiny country, any bombings or attacks will directly affect them. The escalating conflict, fueled by high-end weapons, will have repercussions worldwide. It may be a show of force for those using these weapons, but the entire world will suffer.

Modern welfare states are not eager for war because of the devastating results. The Jewish people, who have suffered throughout history, including during the Nazi regime, understand the consequences of war better than anyone else. They were displaced for years and victims of many conflicts. While leaders may not have much to lose and may gain more power, it is unfortunate that they are pulling everyone into this war.

People expect leaders to show maturity and sensibility in matters of people’s safety. Revenge is not mere revenge as that costs many lives. In the past, kings would fight each other on ego. In it, warriors would die. Today, Putin of Russia and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus are safe, while their soldiers and innocents bear the brunt. Such leaders sitting in the ivory tower can declare war and order soldiers to fight.