Twist in the rules

Dec 21, 2022

Our government knows people have a short memory. It can keep changing words without being caught.

The Central government first advised, advertised, and communicated through various print and social media platforms that all citizens should get vaccinated. Later, responding to a petition filed in the Supreme Court by an NGO, the government submitted that it did not issue any SOP to make vaccination certificates mandatory for any purpose. As a defensive argument, the government said it asked all citizens to take the vaccine without fail for their safety and security. It also insisted children up to the age of 12 take the vaccine without knowing the consequences or facts about the vaccine.

Today, when the Supreme Court asked the central government about vaccination, it said vaccination was the individual’s choice. The government turned its coat. It also refused to take responsibility for COVID-19’s death. Due to the wrong administration of medication and vaccination, the government has moral responsibility and could fix responsibility for the adverse impact on the regulatory body that prepared the treatment protocol. Unfortunately, it took a stand and washed its hands of responsibility!

Yes, of course, we understand that no government can take complete responsibility for the deaths during a pandemic, as death is beyond anyone’s control. But there are many cases of people dying due to the wrong medication or vaccination. If this is true, how can the government deny compensation for the deaths due to the vaccination?

Humans tend to forget things very fast. We forget even the worst experience as we come out of it because we set our eyes on the future and remain hopeful about it. When we think about the future, we don’t dig up the past. For this reason, people are not bothered about what is happening around them or by what the government is saying to the Supreme Court regarding vaccination. The people were made to believe that vaccination was important for survival. Still, many people were against vaccination. They did not want to take it. Some couldn’t take it due to health issues.

There was also a petition in the Mumbai High Court in Maharashtra against the forced vaccination, as people were not allowed to travel without the two doses of the jab even if they were unable to take the doses. The state government did not spare any opportunity to bind the people with vaccine compulsion. The government ruled people as it liked, finally disclaiming all the compulsions. The government should have ruled vaccination as optional right from the beginning.

There was a time when, without the vaccine certificate, no one was allowed to leave home. Travelling by train, bus, or flight was not allowed without taking two vaccines. No one could enter malls, shops, or even workplaces without a vaccination certificate. Now everything has become a forgotten rule and those who framed the rule also forgot it with a twist of time. But who faces the consequences of a wrong decision?

Everything was a game to win the abstract distinction of being the first to vaccinate over a billion people. On several occasions, business leaders from around the world and the Prime Minister praised the achievement, giving credit to the technological achievements. It is the nature of rulers not to accept reality and to force people to accept what they think is right today, even if it is going to be wrong in the time ahead.

If a bell is rung for the next COVID wave, there is only one difference between the previous century’s pandemic and today’s COVID. Pandemics were not used for political gain in the past, but now everything is for profit.