The world with never-ending concerns

Feb 17, 2024

 Science in the modern world is a foster child of capitalism. The processes of discovery and new drug delivery would never end. That means our problems will not end even after finding a solution as the solution may follow another problem.

In this era of incredible innovation, our wealth of knowledge is diminishing, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) which steps in to mend the flaws of everything a talentless one fabricates.. We've dumped pretty much every job on machines we've built, even though nature gave us the smarts to handle it all ourselves. Sadly now we are waiting for the chaos. The architects of the artificial human-brain-coded machines are confused. Rather they are obsessed with creating new stuff, all to make a ton of money by unlocking all these hidden secrets they've found. No matter what disaster it may bring; wealth is a priority.

When capitalism mentors science and technology every hidden agenda works well. This setup works smoothly, shaping our lives to fit capitalism's interest, which, I dare say, irreversibly changed our living ecosystem. It has brought in a considerable level of misfortune to mankind, silently. With a hallucination, we fail to identify the intellectual disaster we live in. In the era of artificial intelligence, every knowledge we have acquired will not be for any use as we leave everything to the control of the AI.

There was a time when workers toiled away in fields, soaking up the sun without a shirt, especially in places with mild weather. They didn't stress about skin problems or suffer any. Traditionally, in areas with harsh climates, folks dressed in ways that suited the weather. Everyone had their natural hacks to handle extreme conditions—just like animals adapt to their habitats. They never worry about life-threatening diseases due to the toxic environment. All living beings colonize a region where they can sustain their life. It is the wisdom of nature.  

Modern science talks only about business! It has no other goal, not even to save humans with its contribution but to satisfy its capitalist mentors. Its main aim isn't necessarily about saving lives or solving problems; it's about meeting the demands of those big capitalist investors who fund it. Science works in a chain. It first creates a problem and then chases for a solution. The solution over a period creates another problem for further solution


There are reports about various cancers unknown to our earlier generation. The discovery of skin cancers due to exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight led to the discovery and development of many skin creams and medicines. Since we carry a prejudice that science is unquestionable, we have no choice in our hands, but to go by what it says. Here, science succeeds in its business goal. However, have we ever asked, is it based on some serious study or commercially motivated? It is indeed commercially motivated.

First, our research finds exposure to sun rays causes skin allergies and even skin cancers. Subsequently, they develop Sun creams. How does it happen only on the skins of humans? There is no study of skin disorders in animals due to the ultraviolet toxicity of sun rays. Nowadays, workers wear clothes to shield themselves from the sun. But back in the day, workers in moderate climates toiled without much clothing and didn't know a thing about skin cancers.


Every time there's a new scientific discovery, there's usually an agenda behind it. Surprisingly, even doctors do not know but follow the advice of companies which discover new disorders and solutions. Ahead of each scientific breakthrough, doctors receive insider information through their channels. Soon after, we're flooded with reports anticipating the big reveal of these discoveries in the laboratory