The truth that you may not have looked at -

Jun 8, 2024

I love the natural greenery and never harm it as I am conscious and cautious of its importance. Even with an immaculate love for greenery often I feel I don’t contribute anything particular to make my environment a green place. Yet I am proud that the greenery blesses me with a bushy shade, making my place an outstanding space. What it tells me unequivocally is that you just love the trees and plants and they understand your passion for them. I just let the green grow without any temptation to cut it down to make my way against its natural right to grow.  Everything you immaculately love comes to you without any exertion. Nature is so simple; only that much you need to do. Trees, plants and grasses know how we care for them. You only need to love them and let them go their way. They live with you, and they are everywhere without anyone caring for them. People care about it only if they are a source of money. But just love it, they will give you everything from peace of mind and affection to abundance at home for a healthy long life. What else do you require?

You may be rich or poor, but your environment will expose who you are. Nature around you will proclaim in its language whether you are in love with nature or not. If you love only trade and commerce, you will see your trade and commerce flourishing. You have enough choices to live by.

Sometimes at a crossroads in anthropological history, we chose seemingly a mistaken road to travel. The gene that prompts business in humans' minds, was set deeply in the lineage. With that, we travelled a long road to what we call economic prosperity and well-being, yet with a lot of discrimination among ourselves. Economic prosperity was our ultimate mission. We did everything for it, still doing more vigorously. And we are successful to a great degree.