The thieves inside the technology

Apr 24, 2023

The thieves inside the technology:

beware of them!

Each day there are reports of technology-driven crimes. In a way, these days there is no crime without technology. If there are no complexities in our lives there will be no crime. It may be hard to digest. The mobile apps are the villain. One cannot commit crimes without technology today, because a robber robs from a digital wallet not from one’s purse hung in the pocket. When we make something for a better life the same becomes a villain. Endless innovation means a bottomless trap.

We are unable to live without a mobile because its influence is deeper in our life than we imagine. We have developed digital models to keep our money safe. One does not need to visit a bank to open and transact. We have a technology interface to operate while being on our bed or in a washroom. Comfort and wealth are important aspects of our life. These two aspects make us lazier.

We rely on technology and transact online to cut the workforce. Banks also promote online transactions. We do not know whether our money is safe there or not. The balance is visible to the bank staff. They can call you to invest your surplus. Our privacy is not under our control.

A few days ago, I read that a milk seller kept his hard-earned money in a bank for his wife’s treatment. As he was withdrawing money from the ATM, some other guys insisted that he withdraw the money immediately. Due to the rush, he immediately came out. The guys stole the password. Soon the milk seller’s account was down to zero. This type of theft is common. Mobile users every day get plenty of fraudulent SMSes, fake calls misrepresenting banks and tempting promises, which fools easily fall into.

Banks and the government have no control over it. Crime investigation departments are inadequately equipped with a system to control the frauds and nab the culprits. Brilliant criminals break into the zones of what banks call protected data. Hacking into accounts is a regular activity to which every bank customer is vulnerable. The stories of online fraud, which is a day-light robbery, have no end.

We follow certain habits blindly without common sense to resist temptations. If you buy anything from a safety pin to an ornament the seller takes your contact number. Your contact number is enough for “data traders” to ascertain your financial details and your buying nature. For a technology maverick data of phone number is enough to con people. At the same time, we cannot do anything without depending on technology and without sharing our phone numbers. Though we cannot keep our numbers a secret, the same is enough for conmen to break into our private territory. When technology enslaves us we lose not only our privacy but also wisdom. Terrific helplessness, a bitter truth!