The Sublime Gift of Vision

Aug 19, 2022

The charm of a face is the eyes that can speak without words.

Eyes have always held mesmerizing and inevitable importance in our scribbling, poems, and in every literature possible that praises beauty.

All kinds of emotions are reflected in our blooming eyes. There are hardly any emotions that our eyes cannot betray. Some of the pet names of our beloved ones are quotes related to eyes! I believe such importance will never be given to any other sense organs.

All the works of art in this world dedicated to love will be incomplete and imperfect if these “beautiful windows to the soul” are not mentioned in them. All the poets, writers, and painters know that the eyes are at the forefront to decipher the horizons of the world. Of course, all this importance given to the eyes is definitely not a coincidence and actually holds a huge meaning to it. Rather it is proof enough to show the eyes as the most important sense organ in a living body.

We are all aware that we have 5 vital sense organs through which we humans can see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. But by far the most important sense organs are our eyes, a fact which can be only testified by a blind person who lost his eyes in the middle of his life journey. A person with vision cannot understand the importance of eyes but once he loses his sight only then he can really feel the importance. Someone blind by birth cannot miss the beauty of vision because he has not seen the world yet and sadly he doesn’t know what he is missing.

The modern world has been crafted on the axis of vision keeping in mind the importance of the human eyes. Most of our work gets done on the computer or mobile phone which employs the use of our eyes. Eyes also hold the power to enjoy worldly pleasures like travelling to new places, watching movies, and savouring the beautiful sunrise, full moon, mountains, sea, etc. The saying “we eat first with our eyes” makes sense because we use our eyes to find and choose visually appealing food. Basically, the eyes are our foremost sensory organ if we want to bask in the simple pleasures of life.

From prehistoric times to the present day, we have evolved as the species that thinks. But had we truly reflected on the value and beauty of eyes in time, we would treat our eyes with utmost care and love. The power of vision has contributed significantly to shaping civilizations over the years and the lack of this power in the future will lead to the collapse of the modern world structure.

Our eyes always need regular doses of colours, entertainment, and pleasure than any other sense organ, and don’t we allow all that pampering that the eyes ask for? Just take a minute and think. More than the other sense organs, the eyes can partake, proliferate and pulsate the pleasures of the modern world to a tremendous magnitude which makes us feel more strongly. For example, while watching a movie song, there is an increase in the release of dopamine and oxytocin in the body and their levels are much higher than when one is only listening to the audio version of the song. No doubt, ears play an important role too, but eyes take in the essence of the vibrant colours displayed on the screen, thereby elevating the imaginative power in you.

Why do you think creative people like artists or writers take a break at times to visit forests or the seashore to relax? It’s the eyes that soak up the view and spread the feeling of relaxation to the whole body and mind. We feast our eyes on the vivid hues embodied in God’s creation everywhere. The entire world, the sun, the moon, the sea, the clouds, etc are vital gifts for the living beings on our benevolent Earth. We have to count ourselves as blessed, with a light in our pair of organs of sight, and the ability to behold the beauty of nature.

Today everything you come across is established as a visual treat. Simply put, if you lose your eyesight, you cannot watch a movie in the true sense. Apart from using the ears to listen to music, all other entertainment forms are enjoyed through the eyes. Even musicians find it easier to play the instruments if they use their eyesight. The very idea of entertainment is based on the foremost use of eyes followed by other sense organs. Such is the importance of our eyes.

In the modern world, the word “vision” is given a lot of importance for eg. Most businesses are based on a vision as figuratively the importance is given to the eyes. In modern workplaces, the entire work system, which includes docs, slides, paper works, etc., is gadget based. A company whether small or big cannot succeed if it is not technologically advanced for it to connect and compete. So computers and mobile phones are indispensable resources which you can operate smoothly only if your eyesight is perfect. If you ever lose your eyesight, in spite of you being a proactive, and outstanding employee in your company, you would be forced to give up on your job.

Some animals don’t have eyes but their other sense organs are sharper and make them somewhat fit enough for survival. But in the case of an eagle or hawk, their eyesight is so perfect that they can target prey from long heights and also protect themselves from other predators.

The importance of eyesight is further established by the fact that with eyes you can see and reveal the joy of watching the smiles and happiness of our loved ones, especially our precious children.

I am wondering if we are treating this beautiful gift with love and care. We need to understand that we cannot live in this modern world without eyes because then life will be very difficult. We may be soaring heights in technology but in long term, it is definitely going to create a problem for our eyes. In the present times, almost all children depend heavily on gadgets and screen time for their daily dose of entertainment. They don’t want to indulge in physical activities or explore nature. Such children are not able to sleep properly at night because of the prolonged screen time and exposure to frequent flashing and strobe effects in video games.

It is widely observed that children nowadays don’t cry unnecessarily but it’s shocking to know that due to the long usage of these gadgets one can see their eyes filled with water to overcompensate their dry eye issues. So we can say that for the children’s tear ducts to work they need artificial support! Children who are addicted to gadgets need spectacles at a very young age and also need supplements for the proper functioning of their eyes.

In conclusion, I would like to say many of us already know all these facts but the sad truth is we don’t care enough about our eyes and their health. Rather we are taking for granted the value and purpose of eyesight. We need to start prioritizing eye health and take steps to prevent eye damage so that we do not lose the power of vision and miss out on the joys of watching a newborn baby’s cherubic face or soaking up the beauty of the setting sun.