The perversion named AI

Feb 24, 2024

 The world of artificial intelligence is a world without heart, soul, blood and flesh. A dead person can be alive as long as he is on an energy wire but without soul, emotion and natural human sentiment. This art of impersonation tells us that we have breached all borders with our perversion to live in an artificial world. It is a life beyond the substance of life. Like chatbots, AI has created ghost bots, a roaring future business. China and the US have already rolled out this business.    


Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing but an act of making a mockery of humans and an insult to the unlimited capabilities humans have acquired from nature. We are simply not happy with what nature has rendered us, making us explore further in the artificial world for new means. In our search for new means, we allow artificial intelligence to disguise itself into a super-smart suite and dictate terms to us. We keep our secrets in the server or semiconductor chip that makes artificial memory. After feeding trillions of data into the silicon memory, the developers write a code with an algorithm so that the system functions, according to the interest of the developers.  


How hard are we trying to make artificial intelligence impersonate ourselves? In real life, impersonation is a punishable crime. But there are systems and tools which allow voice coning and deep-faking. Such an unnatural act contravenes nature’s order of birth and death and generational change. Only perverted minds can create artificial things.

Have we ever wondered about the sham of our own making? No, that is already a part of our long list of achievements. We haven’t even paid any attention to this contemptuous act, which incidentally requires cutting-edge human skills, deep thinking and many days of hard work. As we enjoy the results we forget the fact that we have wagered our skills on artificial mechanisms and surrender ourselves to the super-computing artificial brain.

Our wants are too big and too unlimited. An ace business brain understands it and deploys all capital and talent resources to deliver us what we want. We look beyond our basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter. Our most important need is unlimited wealth and immortality. Both these are unnatural requisites.

Delivering what we require is a function of business. That means business drives us to where we can meet our needs. As the business drives us to its way, it also induces us to desire more and more after keeping many things ready in its cache. Business is not for people but for the business tycoons.     

Our infinitive search in the name of innovation and discoveries takes us to the world that nature forbids. The ‘ghost bots’ are an example. That results in a change in the fundamental equation of life and mortality of living. It changes the canon of life. We believe once a person is dead, his soul remains. Of late, the equation has changed. The body of the dead can be alive without a soul. If the Chinese are getting their dear lost ones back alive, it may become a new trend in the world. America has already seen it. “There is a growing trend among Chinese people to overcome grief by creating digital versions of their lost loved ones with artificial intelligence,” a newspaper reported. News reports say some Chinese companies have created thousands of digital human beings using 30-second audio and video footage of the dead. Seakoo Wu, a bereaved Chinese father over his son’s death believes: “Once we synchronise reality and the metaverse, I will have my son with me again.” This is the crazy artificial world.