The horrors which do not rock us!

Dec 18, 2023

Earth has numberless human colonies, though humans physically occupy less than one-fifth of the area of the planet. We settle in colonies based on the hospitable climate, clean air, food and drinking water availability, etc. Our survivable ecosystem assures the supply of necessary foods to the local lives that shape the physical and biological nature of every living being. Every living being, especially human beings, is accustomed to the local availability of foods to nurture their life holistically. But what will happen if we raze the ecosystem? Survival is a challenge. Those who manage to withstand difficulties will return to the Stone Age or may witness everything outside the protected shelter turning to ashes. 

Humans may manage to physically sustain the weather of one or two degrees centigrade more than the peak time marking by depending on artificial cooling systems. The heat will result in the booming of the cooling systems business and boost the sales of ice creams and cold beverages. That is the prism through which we watch climate change with our shallow sense of understanding! We overlook the fact that nature gives remedies for summer by setting summer fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses ready for us to ensure an organic cooling to our bodies. Yet, we do not mind it.

Urbanites, who contribute a large chunk to the air and soil pollution, never ask themselves how our food grains such as rice, wheat, millet, maize and over a dozen unavoidable pulses from pigeon pulse to chickpeas and cowpeas. We never ask how we get fruits and vegetables, our unavoidable foods. While we are concerned about the qualities of all these farm products, we never mind our involvement in climate changes which impede farming and ruin the quality.

Thus we continue to ask: What is there for a big worry if the heat is one or two degrees centigrade more? What is there to worry about if the ocean water becomes warmer? This is how an average person asks and thinks. Most of us take such questions and concerns indifferently. We do not know the depth of the horror waiting for us to swallow. Climate change dries out our drinking water sources and leads to scanty rains. Climate changes influence agriculture and pose a big challenge to the farming pattern. We are yet to realise the fact!

We forget basic ecology and geography lessons that we learned since the kindergarten classes. We have divided seasons based on climate cycles. Farming needs fertile soil, moderate temperature and adequate precipitation. That is why deserts could not be farmlands. Each crop requires different weather in its growing stage. The perfect combination of arability of land and suitable climate is key to agriculture, the sole source of food for every person and livelihood for half of India’s 1.4 billion people. Humans cannot find food from other sources than agriculture, which is dependent on climate. Our livestock also cannot remain when the weather turns unpleasant. Our entire source of food is attuned to the climate pattern. Earth is the only planet where the climate is suitable for micro and macro-organisms.

The overground water is already contaminated. Now underground water is contaminated by radioactive minerals like uranium. Trees and plants are already poisonous due to pesticides and bio-reengineering. Air is toxic. Oxygen has become a toxic gas. Human minds are getting corrupted day by day and brains are turning dormant. Can we be optimistic about a rebound from this composition of miseries? Can someone help us correct our belief that Earth is still safer for humans?