Sunstroke and sorry state

May 13, 2023

“Sunstroke and sorry state”

Depleting water resources and the sunstroke that our farmers suffer while farming can hinder our liveability in the space currently we relax. Yet, we do not mind the sorry state.   

Who among us will be lucky enough to witness the next 10 monsoons? Can you imagine how the next 10 monsoon forecasts will be? These questions are frightening or maybe even cruel. It is an unfortunate truth as we know only we are to blame for such a tragic situation. More unfortunately, the topic is dying in newspapers and other media. It is no longer a new topic, hence does not qualify for a debate. The media seems to have other news to cover and other topics to debate. 

Media is beholden to cast news that tickles credulous people seeking what pleases them. We cannot blame anyone so long as we are not concerned about the life of our children and the next generation. All media platforms, including social media, have a wide range of filthy content to feed us. The contents include politics, gossip, and features on dishonest souls.  

Has anyone ever observed how many times the words like development, progress, change etc. mislead people? These are the favourite words of rulers whom people elect periodically. When the government claims that it is bringing more developments it only means each one will have to pay more to the government. More revenue in the government’s pocket brings more development, which eventually becomes a public liability. Such liabilities do not bring any comfort to the people. On the other hand, our life turns messy. We hardly note this reality. We are teetering to the edge of a starker reality.   

People living in cities will have to vacate soon because of a shortage of drinking water and quality air. We are at the cusp of a slow-growing misery. At the same time, we evade a look at it as our politicians tell us that there are express highways, more airports, etc. to bring prosperity and a more comfortable life. We have long lost our fear of rising temperatures in our hallucination about development. We have reached a stage that has made our space unliveable for us. Temperature is rising two-degree centigrade every year. Experts say, if the warming keeps up, we will die of heat and water scarcity.  

Monsoons, which have become erratic, we witness floods. As soils cannot absorb the rain waters and we have no sustainable plan for harvesting this purest water, the rainwaters flow into seas. As the population grows, our water resources shrink. While the government seems to have plans to meet the challenge, the citizenry is not concerned about it.

Our meteorologists have noticed people living in 90 per cent of India face the threat of sunstroke. In the region where it was unknown until last year, it is infamously known now. District administration warns people to stay indoors between 12 noon and 3 PM. But poor villagers brave it and work to meet both ends. They suffer sunstroke to feed those who stay in their air-conditioned rooms.