Missing Covid calls

Sep 26, 2022

Now the Covid watching authority does not want to count the surging number of infections. They would count only serious hospitalisations. Couldn’t this equation have been workable earlier also? It could have. But that would have hit some businesses. But too much commotion did not create a corona-phobia after ruckus.

It is time to prove that Covid is nothing but a fear that someone has created. The media and Covid experts have their stake in this. Now the media lens is shut on this once-hot scoop. The topic has expired, after an overdose

Something that came like a pandemic is not serious now, experts believe. In the beginning, it was a necessity to get highlighted. Something which is not considered serious hardly creates a public fear. When you choose not to highlight an issue with a brilliant plan, the same disappears in no time without any desired result. Perhaps, before the novel virus crossed the border, the plans for wave 1, wave 2 and wave 3 were set. Each time there was a strict lockdown. Political influencers had their hands. Their influence has become unworkable.

Now people have learned that when another wave comes nothing will happen. Masks may come back and maybe even a curfew, but not a lockdown. People are not bothered about it. Covid hospitals have become open places. The reason? The government and media stopped creating fear among people. Now the talks are about political crisis and media has no space for virus talks. Their designs stopped generating fear among people. We could have handled the first phase of Covid-19 in the same manner.

The fear was someone’s fabrication. Fear causes physiological, cognitive and behavioural imbalances in humans. Several people went through traumatic conditions after recovery from the infection.

Experts say the differences between the first, second and third waves were not much. Now they do not want to accept that there is another wave even when the cases are going up. They are only mentioning that there is a mild symptom or no symptom at all. No one wants to talk about this matter, though they listen to the advice of wearing a mask. Last time also they said the same thing but lockdown and other actions were in place, though people did not bother.

At the time the strict national lockdown came into force there were only 1000 cases. When cases are rising why isn’t there any control over this now? This is also the Covid that has terrified people since March 2020. Now not less than 3000 cases are registered daily. But, action is missing now.

Everything was pre-planned. Viruses are omnipresent, and it is there in our bodies. Our body fights with all viruses, which we are not aware of, that is the only matter. A lab can culture viruses. If you don’t want to create nothing will happen. If the media wants to create hype they can do it. Covid news was important in the early stage because everyone was enthusiastic to read negative stories. They choose what is to be highlighted according to the wish of the influencers.

As the number of infections is increasing, experts can decide whether it is going to be problematic or not. No one else is supposed to say anything. The government acts on their suggestions. They know what the current atmosphere is and what control measures have to be taken. The government is also now aware that imposing a lot of stringent actions can create a problem. There can be more economic issues. Few countries could learn that the closure of all economic activities created problems like what happened in Sri Lanka.

The movement of the economy is cyclic. When everyone becomes fearless, an attempt to create panic will not work. As you want to create or project something, the media comes to your help. They come to your help at the time you want to create a problem. What makes it happen? How can they create fear in our minds? How well are they controlling us?

Human minds come under the easy control of all manipulators. Anyone can say anything, and we believe them. Another person can alter our minds with his thoughts. They can fool us and create a situation in which we believe them. For instance, maybe in this current Covid period, no fear has been created but maybe in the next Covid period, they can create fear among people. This is completely in their hands. It seems, according to them, there is no Covid, no lockdown, and no control. Anyone can go anywhere, and everything is fine. Then why it was not followed during the past three waves. This could have happened earlier also and tackled many problems smoothly. But then they made people get scared irrationally.

If you are scared, you remain so forever. If you are not, then there is nothing. If you want to ignore anything, you can. That is the fact. You can wipe out the corona-phobia from within.

Interestingly, the health authorities and state governments who used to threaten people with a lockdown unless they take self-care wanted to mince any word about Covid. Even those who reported “positive” come out to join the roadshow, and that is a new road sign.  No media asked any questions about it. All rules and regulations are only for the public, not for the leaders. Two years ago, I said viruses would continue to have a space in our living ecosystem. Let us not run away in panic. Of late, we have come to our senses.