Misplaced governance and developments: Misunderstood terms?

Aug 19, 2023

The concept of governance can be defined as “the process by which private and public institutions are directed and controlled.” This procedure involves the way in which legislators make decisions in order to set accountability standards for top officials. Among the responsibilities of the governance system are not only setting and achieving objectives, but also monitoring and addressing risks in order to maximize performance. Having a strategic plan, managing risks, and managing performance are essential to ensure good governance and a successful organization.

At times, I wonder why we have a government. Does it result in a greater amount of development on Earth? Whenever leaders address the masses, they tend to focus primarily on economic development. There is a refusal on their part to admit that the ballot system was developed purely for the purpose of industrial development. Are there any particular reasons why they are so passionate about development issues? There have been issues in the past, such as the lack of funding for better roads, which were a problem. Since the advent of globalization, these issues have ceased to exist. Several other sources other than the public Exchequer were put forward by the government in order to finance development. Meanwhile, it was reserving the right to monitor and make decisions about private investments at any time.

Nowadays, when two country head meets, they discuss similar issues such as trade, development, weapons, and investments. It is only these four issues that are discussed when two heads of state meet. Their relationship progresses as the discussion progresses on all those issues. Unless this, there is no point in establishing a relationship.

Settlements are another area of interest for the government, which involves the acquisition of vast tracts of land, such as forests and rivers, for the purpose of development. In order to accommodate development, governing authorities force the public to vacate their lands and relocate elsewhere while claiming that they are rehabilitating tribal people from unlivable forests. In accordance with government statements, the new infrastructure facilities have helped to restore the livelihoods of the poor. We are all fascinated by the stories of dams, highways, airports, etc., that have been constructed successfully. Due to their commercial inviability, these assets are subjected to a decrease in value, leading to the loss of compensation for the people who lost their lands. There is no doubt that politicians are aware of this fact.

People are virtually present in every corner of the globe today. The number of unwanted and desired projects is increasing everywhere. No one knows whose right it is to construct all of these projects. Money was not created by God. There is no permanent owner for the planet Earth. When there is no owner, anyone can do anything as long as they have enough power and money to do it. The concept of money is a form of agreement between humans that is expressed in the form of currency. By means of this power, we can alter the face of the earth at our whim. Government is ultimately unquestionable, even though the regulatory system, itself a part of government, oversees developments.

So many things are being developed that we do not even know about. What will humans accomplish if they continue to indulge in this level of greed? In addition to us, animals also have a life of their own. They do not have any historical records or records of their activities. Could you imagine what would have happened if all the documents were preserved by animals?