Learn to live from Ants

Aug 19, 2022

Ants follow a logical approach in life and jointly work hard to live in togetherness.
They maintain their territory guarded and use their incredible talent to make their home wonderful. Ants have a tradition of a million years still they follow the same culture and are living without any change in their lives. A species non-extinct for over a million years speaks about their unbeatable nature to various unpredictable calamities and climate change still standing strong thanks to their determination in life. They have blended their living to the extent they wanted and united their position collectively that humans cannot challenge. A big lesson from an insect is not an insult to humans, but an eye opener.

We call the ant in many ways, mongi, cheeiti, urumb, etc. This insect has incredible power, far beyond human imagination and capability. An ant is the lightest heavy lifter with its capacity to lift as much as 50 – 100 times its body weight. Human cannot think of lifting a mass equivalent to his body weight – so you can imagine an ant’s capability!

Humans have many lessons to learn from this insect, especially from its collaborative effort in accomplishing a task without using any machine. They are highly strong to the changing atmosphere and try to counter any risk of extinction created by the man on earth. When all species became extinct from the earth ants survived and reformed for more than eight million years. With the same adaptability approach, it can survive an atmosphere wherein humans may not be able live on. While humans can be wiped out from the earth, ants won’t be.

Their capability to survive in all climates comes from their dedication to the world. They are engineers in their own world and build their habitat in synergy with nature while supporting the stability of the environment. They help human beings in many ways though we treat them as if they are our enemies.

Humans consider ants an annoyance. Still, among all insects, ants are closer to humans. We do not dislike them as much as the other insects. Normally, we don’t mind the ants until they do a mass invasion of our consumables. Interestingly, they still occupy our place and live invisibly without disturbing us. We created situations like warmer climates, floods and other climate changes that have immensely affected their habitat but still, they survive uncomplainingly. Their survival as species for over eight million years shows they are ineradicable by any amount of difficulties created by the human world.

Ants are good engineers living by the equation of nature, excellently defending their world and creating their homes contributing to the stability of the ecosystem. Ants are calm and perfect in their duties which they do jointly. They walk together in a team to accomplish the tough tasks. Ants never stop working. They are always on their mission of finding a better life without disturbing others. An outside disturbance will not stop them from working on their mission. If we disperse them, they will regroup and resume their mission, thanks to their togetherness without any ego. They seem to believe in a stronger defensive system than offending others for survival. They build their world by caring for the community. Their life is a thought-provoking lesson to humans about working in a cooperative system.

Ants’ famous colony behaviour has already become the subject of human studies. The aboriginal species like ants know their habitation and live organically. They make smart choices while building their shelters and carry food from far to feed those who live in holes. They are good observers and intelligent decision-makers. They are systematic in their activities and follow a common pattern with synergy among thousands of ants in their colony. Their silent invasion will remain naturally silent ever giving lessons to deeply thinking humans.

Many lessons can be learned by just watching them. They teach us never to give up in life whatever situation arises and always to stand together. They have the strength to fight any situation in front of them and change their life. Ants’ simple way of life and hard work equally by everyone and skilled use of naturally available resources show humans how to use resources available in nature for a better life. An ant teaches us the meaning of equality through the proof of their complaint less life. They have no fear for tomorrow and live peacefully.

We, humans, need to think about how we have changed our world; ants have never in millions of years.