Jews unlearn Jewish lessons 

Jul 5, 2024

Jews unlearn Jewish lessons 

It is unnatural that the genocide and the worst persecutions in the history of the Jewish people haven’t yet taught Israel, the promised land, the value of peace. Israel is walking a tightrope. Netanyahu is under pressure.


Israel should have spread peace all over the world, as Jewish people were the worst victims of genocide. Hitler butchered six million Jews. Jews had suffered the worst under other dictators like Stalin. In the name of religion, they faced attacks in 94 countries. Jews were the worst sufferers of religious persecution throughout history. Interestingly the same people are now in a long war, ruthless killings and crimes against humans. 

The Jews could end their sufferings only with the support of Britain, other European countries and the United States. The Zionist movement ended with the fulfilment of the promised land in their hands. Jews around the world could make a home or return to their home with the support of the big powers in the world. They transformed the desert into an oasis. But the peace was far from them because of their hostile borders. Remembering the Jewish sufferings, the Jewish state should have sought peace with the Arabs. Instead, Israel fought and used its brain and muscle to suppress the weaker Arabs. After declaring war with Hamas, the Jews are facing huge trouble. If Israel considers the safety of the Jewish people, it is high time for Netanyahu to end the war and make peace with the displaced Arabs. Netanyahu is acting like a warmonger. 

Like Israel, many democratic governments resort to war because they believe they can easily mobilize money from people who would be ready to pay for their safety and security. The weapon industry, useful for fighting against known and unknown enemies also would boom.

Netanyahu formed a cabinet for war.  Now he is alone in the cabinet. That forced him to demolish the war ministry. His style of functioning was not acceptable to all. Not considering the safety and security he is still fighting with Hamas. He could have negotiated with Hamas and made a pact. Even his chief war officer indicated Israel would not win the war. Hamas fights not only with weapons but also with philosophical stands. The fighters of Hamas may be eradicated, but their beliefs can never be extinct.  If anyone gets thrown away from his birthplace, it is his right to fight back.  That is not just for wealth but for reestablishing their identity. The war officer has realised the truth. But it seems Netanyahu refuses to understand the facts. 

The US General election is nearing. Biden is facing huge pressure from the Americans to support Israel unethically.  Due to fear, Biden made the pack to stop the war for the time being. Instead of accepting the deal and escaping from the trouble he landed in, Netanyahu criticised the stand of the US war against Palestine and rejected his suggestion. That was a tight slap on Biden. The furious Biden administration rejected Israel's request for further supply of arms. Sensing the problem, Israel's foreign minister rushed to the US with a request for arms. Adamant Netanyahu was ready to change a bit. There are anti-war voices in Israel and the US. Beden could read what was written on the wall. But Netanyahu still couldn’t. The US government wants Israel to shed its arrogance.

US universities have many well-settled Jews. They wield a big clout in the US administration and policy making. The Americans are on the streets to keep their universities free from the Jewish influence. Americans now wish to be free from the excessive Jewish influence on the US administration. That will make the position of Jewish people tough. 

Recently, Israel's Supreme Court passed a verdict that ultra-orthodox Haredi Yeshiva students would no longer be exempt from military service, compelling all civilians to be part of the military. The verdict tightened the political noose around Israel's PM. The orthodox group of MPs had to withdraw their support to the government. This will lead to the collapse of the Netanyahu government. As a power greedy, he will try to save his government at any cost. He is infamous for capturing power. Haredi leaders believe that Torah study is as, if not more, important than military service to protect Israel from its enemies. The huge Israeli population is asking the government to declare the election at the earliest while Netanyahu was dreaming of more time in the name of war.

Even after eight months, there is no sign of getting Hamas tranquilised. The war is going on. Initially, Israel said south Gaza was an important place to remove Hamas from Palestine. After killing many innocents, the Israeli force shifted their stand. They are now focusing on the north. Same time they killed more than 500 health workers, including UN volunteers. The UN is also furious with Israel. If the US shifts in its stand of protecting Israel and uses its veto power the game of war will gain a new dimension.

Now Netanyahu focuses on Lebanon's Hezbollah. He has warned he hardly minds opening multiple war rooms to focus on Lebanon. If Israel could send Lebanon to the Stone Age, why should it have declared this so openly? 

One should only appreciate the Israeli Prime Minister for his hollow overconfidence about the war. Israel may have high-end technology and superpower US support as of now. But Israel’s geographical position is not at all in its favour. It is locked in by the Arabs. Israel is a wealthy, tiny and powerful country but with growing internal problems. It is losing economic support, money and energy in the war. Moreover, growing world support for Israel is a matter of concern. Gradually, it will lose its grip and current position. For Netanyahu, things must be different but for the Israelis making a pact with the Arabs will be a wise decision.