Is Omicron an organised plot?

Sep 26, 2022

The world has begun to count up the Omicron cases. All the victims are vaccinated. Drug companies, vaccine makers and governments ordering lockdowns have their intentions. The next wave will throw up many uncomfortable questions.

Again, the world pressed a panic button against the pandemic when it started waning. A warning much before the first case of the new SARS-CoV2 variant has emerged is only an effort of exaggeration with a suspicious intention. The warning bell rang two days before the Indian SARS-CoV2-Genomics Consortium confirmed the first two cases simultaneously in Karnataka.

Politicians started screaming; experts began free advice, and breaking news and stories flooded the media. For the news-starved media, it seems to be a celebration time. But under the bulldozer who gets crushed are the commoners. They are struggling to meet both ends. The sword of lockdown is dangling on their head again. We all knew who flourished in the pandemic – not the novel virus alone.

Modern medicine and pharma moguls know more about human psychology than they do about medicines. The Chief Executive Officer of Moderna went a step ahead with a statement that his company could develop a new vaccination against the omicron variant. He also expressed doubt about the efficacy of the old vaccine against the new variant. Is it not an ‘a-new-variant-a new vaccine scenario?

It is not a new virus but a mutant of the old. Many old scientists mentioned it earlier. Once your action mutes the virus when the pandemic peaks, there is the possibility of it breaking out in another variant. That is happening now. But none of us listened to them.

In one of my blogs earlier, I expressed a fear of pharmaceutical giants taking control of us in the name of Covid-19. For them, Covid-19 is still a gold mine. They are digging the mine further. Even vaccinated people died of the same disease that was vaccinated for during the pandemic period. Governments around the world and people watch their mining helplessly. We are compelled to believe that the pharma majors are to save us. This predominant conviction makes people doubtless about their intention. But the truth lies far away. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies can fool people many times. According to them, changes in the variants of the virus took place 50 times. But no lab ever shared any information about the changing virus variants. Viruses, animals and birds have no borders. Naturally, they don’t need a passport to cross borders. Moreover, it is all a by-product of our globalisation. We are also trying to dismantle the borders by globalising everything. A barricade on the highway can only delay the passengers’ movement. Containment may delay the spread of the virus. But it cannot stop the virus from spreading forever. Restrictions can weaken certain businesses and hinder the life of more people. Many restrictions led many people to suicide.

Restriction on individual movement in the name of a pandemic is a questionable issue. We have seen restrictions that did not stop the pandemic tolls. That could only lead to sealing the livelihood of commoners. Politics is a different game. Liberalism is only a theory of western masters. Impoverished ones in the third world were the worst sufferers. Developed economies and welfare states could lavishly support people with cash in their hands. The sufferings of the developing economies were not at all the subject of rich countries.

When South Africa reported a small number of new virus variants Europe and America suspended flights to the country. The same variant was spotted in many European countries but not one stopped flight to Europe. South Africa and African countries did not shy away from telling the world about their findings. Africa has repeatedly mentioned this variant is not dangerous and many patients are not even admitted to the hospital. There hasn’t been any mortality. Africa is not America, Europe or China.

I am afraid a pandemic theory is developing. One with “credibility” can speak about a new virus variant loudly to terrify the people and ask the government to declare lockdown. That fires a hectic research work. Drug companies run their PR works before the drug is ready. Then it is launched. Lockdown generates a parallel economy as the old economy remains locked. Restrictions followed by waves after waves were only experimentations. Believing a sham several times can make us only fools. Can one be a fool several times or permanently?

When Europe reported the omicron variant, the world did not take it seriously. Suddenly it became serious. This leaves a space for suspicion of foul play. WHO ruled out any sense in travel restriction. The travel restriction will not control the virus spread. We cannot control everything. Control creates resistance with an equal force. This is the science of nature. We have seen it.

There are two ways to control the pandemic. First, allow it to spread naturally. Its power will wane naturally and vanish over a period. Drug companies may not agree with this. Second, a vaccine is ideal only after the pandemic settles down so that people can be better immunised. But we have given the jab when the virus is active. At resistance, the virus changes its nature. That is the reason new variants of the virus emerge. I am not the right person to say whether it is a danger or not. But we can believe in the experienced ones.
A restriction makes the situation only complicated. On the other hand, political leaders threaten citizens with lockdowns. We must be aware of their intentions. Hitherto we haven’t seen any result in the two lockdowns. But they will ask us to believe it.

Today our science has reached a new height. It can create an artificial human being. Yet, the pandemic threat continues to loom. This month, the pandemic will complete two years of presence. The virus is still active. Full vaccination covered more than three-quarters of the vulnerable population. Most of the people who are in the hospital are fully vaccinated. Why couldn’t the science of vaccines end the pandemic and the dangers of the virus permanently? Doesn’t it mean the virus is ineradicable from the world?

When we focus on something consciously, that becomes optical. Human beings can stop a machine that human beings have built, but not the order of nature. Organic things will keep changing their shape and character with time. An attempt against this is a futile exercise. If the attempt has a gainful intention, the gesture of lawmakers and the forces behind them cannot be questionable.