Hardening human behaviour

Sep 26, 2022

The human world passes through constant change. Everyone is frustrated in life as if living under a dangling atom bomb. That is a state of mind we are unable to do away with. Most of them do not know the reason for their mental instability, frustration and agony at different stages of life. But they are aware that things are not normal. So long as we do not understand the problem, it is impossible to correct it. Every moment, the problem is sharpening. More people become frustrated. No one knows what is happening. We have seen many changes happening in the world in recent years, more significantly after the Covid-19.

People moved into a virtual world. It is one of the results of the pandemic. We welcome every new thing that happens to us. New technologies, ideas for making more money, gaining more business, etc.

Later we scream for help. We don’t know where to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes’ because we wish to live in a cosier and more comfortable world. We pick up whatever comes our way without thinking about after-effects. Moreover, people don’t know how to come out of a problem. They have no idea how to deal with it. Human interactions are also far more complicated in the modern world. Very cunningly people interact with others. We want everyone to give us throughout our lives as if our right. But we never reciprocate. This selfish attitude is inherent in each individual. Things are complicated, making it difficult to understand modern human interaction. That is also a reason for the inclination towards technologies. We want virtual friends more than real friends.

According to me, today technology is the villain for this extreme change. Everyone is badly addicted to this. No one can escape. For this, there is no category also, young to old, educated to uneducated, higher-income to lower-income. Everyone has a reason, some may be about work, some for no work, some for family issues, some for an easy life, some for knowledge, some for bread and butter – the term gifted by the western world.

Our modern education teaches us many things about their individuality, self-respect, male and female chauvinism etc. Even parents have no space in their world. The new generation does not seem to need elders’ guidance. Parents seem to be cautious in dealing with their children. They are more educated through algorithms. Whether this is beneficial or not is a big question. Few parents are proud even when their child loses her eyes. Some parents boastfully say that their children learn Spanish, Turkish or other foreign languages. We are living with so much unwanted knowledge. What we need in life is knowledge sufficient for living. How do the other animals complete their lives smoothly? They know hunger, thirst, mating, excreting, that’s it. This is not going to help the child anywhere. How is a language like Turkish or Spanish going to help an Indian child until the learning supports the child’s future earnings?

Today the new generation has become too lazy due to the online facilities for everything. Pandemic restrictions made them stay indoors and spend, spoiling their natural wisdom. They expect companies to arrange an online interview and work from home. It is horrible.

Our physical access to the world is still the same – home to market or office. We can travel to any place easily by new transportations, otherwise, most of the human daily accessible world is almost the same. But they can access a virtual world. We are normal living beings only, but we are testing our brain capacity by putting on new things every day. The brain doesn’t need to have the capacity to carry it when there is a huge difference in the physical and mental accessing world. We feel boring (no doubt the real one) and the other is interesting. We will spend more time in the interesting world. Later we are not in a position to separate it. In the virtual world, there is always a provision to choose what we are interested in. It cooks for everyone’s choice. Or a different variety restaurant is there to taste as per our taste buds.

In this scenario, how someone will understand the problem which they are facing once they try to shift from this. They cannot expect bigger changes because, only they are changing a bit, nor others, nor your surroundings, nor your society, nor your friends. In this case, you will be less frustrated. We tend to go for a new trend or technology very fast and without thinking twice, we embrace it. We don’t see whether it is going to create a good or bad impact on our life.

At various stages in life, the levels of human hormones fluctuate. This may be the order of nature or disorder in a medical version. The fluctuation creates anxiety or other discomforts related to the fear of many challenges at transitional phases of life moving from adolescence into adulthood. Biological changes are common in every living being. The level of reactions to the changes varies from one to another. It is more challenging for women when they reach menopause. The biological changes are only the vestiges of homo sapiens transferred through generations from known or unknown animals.

As a species biologically we do not have much change in just a few decades. However, we believe that we have become so modern and going with fast-changing technologies. I can tell you examples. When we are facing any kind of problem, we are interested in meeting with a friend and opening up our minds to him or her. Unfortunately, no one understands this. No one gives quality time to each other. That forces one to depend on the machine which has become like a part of the body. Still, we are not talking to a robot. We are keen to talk to a friend or relative only. So we can understand that again we have to travel a lot to become a complete machine.

In the virtual world, things are good. People can easily travel virtually from one place to another. They can see new trends compared to other people. You feel you are so unlucky since portraits always look good.

Why are only humans having a generation gap problem? A child never understands the parents. Parents can’t understand their children. This nature is not new. This problem has been there for decades with growing or changing society. It means, when things are changing every day, because of our changing world by adopting or introducing new theory or tech, the young generation immediately adapts to the changes. But the other one is not easy, and not always a learning problem. There are hesitating issues. So the villain is neither new nor old. It is just because we wanted to grow always, never happy with already existing things.

In history, it was mentioned that the Nazis robbed Jewish but killed Jewish in the gas chambers. Whites killed South Africans by enslaving them. Now a new theory created by some people called the super-rich, slowly killing other humans by looting their money, and enslaving them. Great, new-gen business guys smarter mixed both ideas and added one.

I think our seven million or more years of existence, although I don’t believe in these counts, will end because of the new technologies. Every day, IT tycoons are making something to attract us. We are happily following the same like a goat. We don’t know where to put commas and dots. You can helplessly see yourself living a frustrated life. Some mad guys are testing us by introducing so-called new technology, and we are madly waiting for this. Strange !!! These people are well aware that this will end up in our world, and our governments are also well aware of it.