Greedy humans against Mother Earth show no signs of stopping

Feb 1, 2024

While moving around my farm in Karat, I was pleasantly surprised to spot a woodpecker. It had been a long time since I last saw one, back when I had a wonderful childhood in Vechoor, my native place in Kerala. I remember observing them diligently pecking at wood to build their shelters and gather food. Woodpeckers are charming birds with vibrant, multicolored feathers. Their black and white plumage is adorned with beautiful rings, and many of them boast a striking red head and tail, resembling a regal crown. Their lengthy and robust beaks are characteristic of their species.

Woodpeckers are known for their distinctive behavior. They primarily search for insect prey on tree trunks and branches, often communicating through drumming with their beaks, producing a resonant sound that carries over long distances.

Although I managed to capture a few pictures of the woodpecker, they turned out blurry due to the bird’s distance. Nevertheless, I felt a quiet joy at the sight of this species after such a long time. Every time I encounter a new bird or one I remember from my childhood, like the kingfisher, it fills me with a profound sense of happiness.

Sadly, after a few days, I noticed that the bird was dead. There was no apparent cause for its untimely death, it was not an attack, neither was been eaten by any animal. I fear that the changing climate may have played a role. I saw that bird humming around in its full health some days back and now it’s gone. It is truly unfortunate that many species are slowly disappearing from our planet. Amidst our busy routines, we often fail to notice the daily changes in nature. As long as we somehow manage to obtain our food, we tend to overlook these matters.

I feel a deep sadness for the poor bird that met an untimely demise. However, the relentless actions of greedy humans against Mother Earth show no signs of stopping.