Eradicating the Human Race

Jun 13, 2023

Killing someone and eradicating the human race:

Which crime is more serious?

Can we imagine a notorious murderer meeting a Prime Minister? The murderer did not commit a crime against the entire humanity. Yet the murderer is a criminal. He was behind bars for many years for his criminal act of killing someone. Some criminals with psychological disorders often die at a young age in prison. Was it impossible for such criminals to meet the country head secretly or openly? No chance. Of the two crimes, such as murdering some people at a weak moment and setting a plan to eradicate all humans, which one could be more serious? Certainly, it should be the plan to wipe out all humans.

Architects and doyens of artificial intelligence (AI) openly talk about the danger of AI. They admit that AI can eradicate human beings. Geoffry Hinton resigned from his Google assignment to free himself to warn the world how dangerous AI would be for humanity. He has admitted that AI poses a serious threat to the entire human race. Yet every country bullish about the prospects of AI gives AI ventures green signals with a promise that there will be new laws in place to regulate the system from derelict attempts if such attempts pose problems for humans. No government has a different option. Every government is keener to encourage AIs than to protect the citizens. That is a risky game? What makes all the countries feel comfortable taking risks? Aren’t they unaware that they may fall victim to this tragedy unknowingly? Although no one even guesses an answer, we all are aware of the dangers of AI.

Developed countries should not encourage new tech giants for any reason. Unfortunately, the media is busy reporting what it sees as it is without any critical analysis of the report. All are in a wait-and-watch mode. But there is no time to wait, and no one will be alive to watch the game!

Godfathers and architects of AI are busy meeting the heads of various countries, especially those countries with strong economies and population density. They get a red-carpet welcome. They are new heroes with increasing fans. Some are crazy for a selfie with them. They are the new heroes with a magic lamp of Allavuddin! It may be easy for them to meet political leaders, lawmakers and business magnets. Media houses are hosting them with debate platforms. They will be the heads of new tech giants, the AI giants– replacing the position of Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and now disappeared Jack Ma.

Everyone fears that the same AI would wipe out entire humanity and give power to rascals to rule the world.