Enslavement of the human brain

Apr 20, 2023

Enslavement of the human brain:

Artificial intelligence killing natural intelligence

When I heard about ChatGPT, I downloaded it and asked a few questions to know how helpful it is. First, I asked who my father was. The system did not know who my father was. Since my father was not a celebrity I knew the system might not find any answer to my trial question. But it wrote poetry for me based on the clue I fed in it. The poetry was good with 80 per cent metrical rhymes and the rest a blank verse.  Chat GPT is known for giving interesting answers, often surprising, depressing and misguiding!

Like other technology apps, ChatGPT fetched media hype as if it would make a huge impact on mankind. However, I don’t believe this could leave a big effect on humanity as a whole. I’m sure tech radicals would disagree with me even after countries ban it, institutions prohibit its use and people with self-esteem refuse to borrow texts by paying a life subscription.

They think such an app is changing our lives a lot. These apps are grabbing our wisdom and ripping us off. Whatever information we feed on different platforms, the system collects and throws it back to us. It is like serving various street foods prepared out of a limited number of stocked ingredients. The street food chaff serves us according to our order. But it is not safe to eat the food if you do not know the sources of the unknown ingredients. Why Italy temporarily blocked ChatGPT for this reason. Italy was afraid of infringing the privacies and sources of the so-called open-source data.

Collecting information from a pretrained-system is no less bad than shopping for updated ready-made food. We surrender our brains to the system that we believe is amazing. Gradually, we become addicted to the amazement thereby enslaving ourselves to a system that worked without a brain at all, but on a pertained equation for a generative transformation. On the other side, there are concerns about the system trading other’s privacy. Instead of resorting to a shortcut, we need to make use of our naturally endowed brains. ChatGPT is after an artificial intelligence platform.

If you are a writer, a poet, or a student, would you be happy when someone tells you to go shopping for creative pieces or homework? Of course not. Would you buy a robot to do the exercise that you are supposed to do every day? The robot will make us dormant beings. It is enough for us to be subordinate to other animals. They can quickly become slaves of every animal after they become technology-driven animals with no brains.