Earth: A melting pot

Jul 22, 2023

The US and Europe have their bad times with self-goals. The worst heat warning coincides with the worst economic crises. The industrial superpowers of Europe and the US swelter too much while simmering inflation bleed their economy. So long as deindustrialisation to cool the planet is an unthinkable option, the Earth remains a melting pot.

Global warming is either a joke or a boring subject for many people. Now global warming is no longer a philosophical issue. No one wants to discuss this for that reason. We have so many other interesting topics to discuss. Countries which have not taken this subject seriously are suffering severely. It is poetic justice (kavya neethi) that America and Europe have been the first, and now the worst, victims of global warming. The industrial era began 300 years ago, but many of today’s generation might disagree with it as humans had the taste the sweetness of industrialisation. Seeking endless growth is a human tendency without knowing what it means. People seek innovation, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

As America seems to have learned the true meaning of global warming, today’s American Secretary of State is running to China to sort out the issues between them. Global warming has already set its tail on fire. It forgot the long-standing fight with China for the sake of its citizens, while China is hardly bothered about this.

The temperature in many parts of America has reached 54 degrees, while certain places, like the famous Death Valley, see three digit degree temperature. Some regions have become unliveable. When America feels the heat, that is unsustainable heat. The same degree of heat in other parts of the world is not as distressing as in America! That is the law of America. In the past, the US government played down global warming issues calling it an exaggeration. It knew measures to save itself from global warming issues would cost it dearly. Millions of job losses and trillions in GDP contraction forced it to overlook the emerging climate concerns. In November 2019, because of this, the US withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement 2017. 

There is a bad economic situation in Europe, and heat waves have also become common. As the heat increases daily, Europe doesn’t know the solution. The world led by them with greedy minds has reached a saturation level with no way to return. 

Many of them will end up poor, and many hitherto economically self-sufficient countries will face severe financial crises. If they continue these so-called development policies, people will die from heat waves, floods, and a lack of oxygen and clean drinking water. All global warming control measures could prove to be futile without controlling greed.

While governments and people choose the development option, heat will kill thousands of living beings. It is not always easy to keep the political system defensive when lawmakers need to take hard measures to save the Earth from rising heat. The governments are concerned about people’s immediate reaction to some inevitable uneasy measures. Governments cannot make enemies of business people because of their healthy relationship. 

Since the UN has limited authority, it can only make guidelines for governments. It advises the world to drive back to the pre-industrial environment. But will anyone earnestly heed the advice? The pre-industrial era means we must forget about the industry itself. None will agree with his! That means the outcome is worse. But the planet will become systematically desolate of humans. It may cool down once it becomes outback. The absence of humans may mean no industrial activities and none to spot the sight of heaven.  

Europe had more than 60000 heat wave victims last summer. Floods have become common. Cyclones are more frequent. These are consequences of our refusal to change our habits and the ill intention to live differently.

The planet never had such a severe heat wave as it witnesses now. No governments expected such a worst situation. Lawmakers pass the buck on to others and pass. If it is a sufferance of the next generation, let the next generation handle it. This principle eases the present rulers from their hard duty. The same doctrine sets them free from all the tasks. So the issue will remain unattended forever.