Diwali – Festival of light

Nov 12, 2023

Firecrackers became a part of our festival celebration after our earnings in hands grew rapidly. Though we don’t know under whose influence the firecrackers became an unavoidable part of our festival, its influence has now become deeper even among people who live hand-to-mouth. It is not just a display of our blind snobbery but beyond it. However, we are neither bothered about the outcome nor are we aware of it.

Footpaths and shops are full of firecrackers, most of them imported from China. India is one of the biggest Chinese firecracker markets even though India is not on good terms with this neighbour. Firecrackers are not only air pollutants but also toxic. Our children use them rampant. Our festival celebration always indicates the emergence of a good omen. But we make it for the worst in our life and living environment. Adding to this abuse is our fancy towards many decorative sweets that contain artificial taste and aesthetic enhancers. Firecracker and sweet businesses are thriving at the cost of our lives. Let us not forget this hard fact as we celebrate our most auspicious festival of light. Let the light enlighten us to rediscover our prudence.