coming back

May 29, 2024

> For the last few months, my life has been going on a different path, understanding how nature gives physical and mental relief to humans.
> When our mental well-being is down, our passion for anything also comes to a halt.
> Like the way nature changes, weather also changes. Mind reflects the impact of changes.
> The aptitude for writing has always been there in me. Yet, sometimes, when life gets stagnant and confused, we keep some passions aside for a while. I started voracious writing only during the Covid-19 period.
> When I saw the pain of the commoners due to the sudden lockdown, I took my pen in my determination to show the authorities the agony of the human world.
> When our favourite weather changed -  rather extremely - we never thought we would experience the worst face of it. When I started writing more about nature and warning my friends, none took my warning seriously.
> I never thought of changing the world through my writings.
> At the same time, I heard and saw a lot of criticism as I wrote only about nature. I could barely see anything other than nature. For me, nature comes first, and humans and their lives come second.
> Since I am also one in the herd, there is a limit to where I can express my disagreement with what humans do to the ultimate deterioration of nature.
> I am always concerned that we have not conserved anything for our children to lead a peaceful life. As a result, their mental and physical health will be in chaos.
> My absence has made a few friends ask me why haven’t penned anything for the last few months. Have you stocked out? They were mocking me!
> I can say till the time we continue to destroy nature, I will defensively keep on thinking about it and writing about it. That is my humble mission. I will have no shortage of subjects. Nature triggers every creative mind with an idea, and fouled human actions provoke my mind.  Hence, my writing never ends. The ink in my pen never dries out. I will continue to pen down, although it may not be that welcoming for everyone.
> I never mind the number of followers I get. But I do mind that one person who can change his mentality and take a step back from doing one more misdeed that destroys the green in front of him, I will be more than delighted.
> I believe, my scribbles are my responsibility towards nature and the coming generations.
> However, the world that we live in is considered living only if social media and the internet are active.
> People must show the world that we are alive, unfortunately. Even I am also saying the same. I am alive. And you will get to see my write-ups in days ahead.
> If my views impress you, please take it with a deserving value or criticise me as I deserve. That may further sharpen my views. Ask me questions, if I confuse or puzzle you.
> That will give me more energy to write. But please don’t say why you are sending shit to our inbox. You are free to block me otherwise.
> Thank you for reading me and criticising me