Can we have a fearless life without any viruses?

Feb 9, 2022

Today, after an exhausting life with the so-called Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the world is out of the blue, maybe for fear of another virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) seems to bat for it. Yet there is no fear on the pitch because people had the worst of the virus to fear. What some high echelons expected was never in place completely.

The WHO seems unconcerned about the consequences of human-created “heating” or climate changes. But it does not want to co-relate these reasons. It is keen to divert the public attention to the rising ‘heat’ and engage the world in the talks of “global warming”. The global health body finds it illogical that the increase of a few degrees Celsius temperature variations is causing global warming. It simply manifests that a certain degree of temperature changes few lives, including humans, but the virus can survive on earth. So we should stop calling this change global warming. Changes of a few degrees Celsius do not cause much difference. It will change only humans, not the globe or viruses.

It is said that global warming will make humans extinct from the globe. According to science, temperature variations at any degree will generate protons. This indicates that life on earth will go on. There can be certain changes all over the world but that does not mean that the whole planet is at a risk. I, therefore, appeal to read temperature variations rather than worrying about global warming.

There are reasons to believe that all are human-created changes. Powerful viruses thrive on the consequent changes in the weather condition. Our scientists are experts in wonderfully naming all the virus variants. Let them continue to do it. The new variant will create trouble for humans and other species. We humans believe that all other lives on earth are generated for the stability of our ecosystem. So we shouldn’t care how these viruses affect the other species. We think only about ourselves and take cruel decisions for the other species. When there is a spread of such viruses we take full right to KILL innocent animals for our safety. Who has given us the power to kill other living beings? At the same time, we call them domestic animals according to our convenience. In simple terms, they are animals converted for human needs.

The government is established only for humans. So, obviously, the government has the mandate to take care of humans. Only we need the government to look after us. The other species don’t need a government to take care of them. Animals do not copy us. They manage their things peacefully since no law speaks for them in their kingdom. Without seeing if the viruses would create any major trouble we kill them and banish them from animal farms by killing the animals. We have lost our minds to figure out things logically. The government claims they have fulfilled all its responsibilities with compensation to the owners of these animal farms. This way, the government fulfils its responsibilities.

Humans forget the fact that all these virus systems started to damage our lives. We are responsible for this situation because we interfere in others’ lives. The story started from the time we shifted our lives from forests to a better life. Still, we want to go back to the forest and we believe deep down that it belongs to us. The concerns about viruses started after we lost touch with naturalism as we embraced modern life. This shift increased our vulnerabilities to diseases. In a way, we created these diseases and laid blame on innocent animals for bringing the viruses. We never try to find a solution to heal them but mercilessly kill them when they carry any disease or infection. Humans have no value for other lives on the earth. For example, recently, the government cleaned up many pig farms in Kerala brutally killing them after paying compensation to the owners. We can fill every hole with money. Interestingly, the caretakers were feeling bad for killing them and were ready to take utmost care. However, the experts feared that wild pigs could easily infect the farm pigs. The virus is harmless for wild animals. We are overlooking the truth by reading between the lines with suspicion.

All these matters are crystal clear; it is our greed and messy lifestyle that is the real villain. But we have no heart to accept the fact. We are smart enough to pass the bucks to someone else.

Virologists count more than 10,000 dangerous viruses. These viruses can give us sleepless nights. Let us say if there are so many dangerous viruses we will be under their attack daily. Then what will we do? What does our future look like?

Perhaps, at that time, WHO will be tired of declaring health emergencies after emergencies? WHO has declared that there is nothing to worry about because a new vaccine is arriving soon for the so-called monkeypox. Looking at the count of so many dangerous viruses and the possible easing strategies through vaccines, WHO might advise us to take one dose of the vaccine daily. One vaccine or a single dose of one vaccine may not be enough. It may sound hilarious, thanks to the vaccine makers, who are focusing only on the viruses of the human body without wisdom. We can only wait for worse in future.

Today humans are unnecessarily entering the space of other lives. That is one of the reasons why bacteria and viruses are spreading all over the world. The names like monkeypox, bird flu, pig virus like swine flu, etc are particular to birds and animals. They are everywhere around us. For that reason, viruses are also present everywhere. We call it monkeypox when it comes to monkeys. In birds, it is bird flu. In humans, it could be another virus. Humans contract the virus only when they enter the space of others. Animals and birds do not come to us to spread. Once we stop gate-crashing into their territory, we will not have any problem. Let us not forget viruses and bacteria are everywhere. They are unicellular organisms. And Let us remember, every living being, including humans on earth, emerged from a unicellular organism.