Birth is a fact, as death also is

Sep 26, 2022

Between the course of these two facts, only the breathing is true. Rest everything is a myth.

Death is irreversible, inevitable and unavoidable, yet a sure destiny. But it is pretty hard for a human to accept. We do not know about other animals. We all are a part of the food chain of the ecosystem. Nature has set an infallible system, which we have broken and reached the top of the food system. That is the benefit we have acquired over a period after breaking the order of nature. Our countdown begins there.

We are the successors of those who had fought for the elixir called amruth, the miracle medicine that was supposed to make the beneficiary immortal. In Puranas, there were examples of Chiranjeevi (immortal), the Jambavan and other rishis who had attained the ultimate power to be immortal. Stories are kept apart. We still wish to have the amruth in one or the other form. Everyone loves to have at least a day more than what is allotted. For ordinary people, it is impossible to abjure such a desire.

Though death is real, does anyone want to willingly accept the reality? All are afraid of the truth. We do not know when reality will subsume us. Death is a certainty. In everyone’s life, there would be a terrible sleepless night upon a nightmare of death. On the other side of the coin, the same person would have thought of ending up this life at a traumatic moment. No matter how selfless or selfish you are, you love your life. A murderer is afraid of being murdered. Such examples show how concerned people are about their life. The fear of death is inexplicable.

In the course of life, every step that we take is uncertain. Doesn’t that make us explore a room for hope? Within every uncertainty, we seek a moment or space of certainty. Hope out of uncertainty drives our life. We do business, we earn money; we make contracts and face conflicts. In a moment of uncertainty, everything goes into smoke. We continue to seek certainty out of all uncertainties. Sapiens live with greedy minds. Even if we know in advance about our last day, we would try to bid for something beneficial, if there is anything such. Other than the unicellular flora around us, we all ought to die one day. Human beings like other multicellular beings cannot stop the inevitability of death. Yet everyone wishes for a long life.

In the ancient Ayurvedic system, there is a complicated yet interesting procedure called kayakalpa. That is a long procedure to give a rebirth with a full natural span of life again. Nevertheless, that is not practised. The specialists who would carry out this great procedure are rare. It has serious outcomes if gone wrong as well. Maybe due to its risk factors, people aren’t going behind that, or else, there would have been many kayakalpa centres around us like beauty parlours.

This universe exists on an infallible principle. Everything in it moves cyclically. That depicts the symbol of continuity. There we are in a queue. We have to move when our time comes. The one behind us follows us. Every life on earth follows this principle. However, human beings seek a longer wait in the queue.

This earth is balanced by a configured system of birth and death of all lives. Every natural or organic thing has an end. Modern science is trying to give hope to sapiens to become an inorganic life, I can say it is alive without life, When the birth of other living beings that human beings do not remain acquainted with is decreasing or even becoming extinct, the human population is increasing. Moreover, human beings try out all methods to stay alive until infinity. That is ridiculous. With this massive imbalance, the planet of life is set to face a disaster much for the misfortune of human beings themselves. The shrinkage of space for living, inadequate fresh air, insufficient foods and drinking water, etc. will work against the human desire to live longer with a good quality of life. Everything becomes toxic, stale and retardant after the time allowed by nature. Even human beings have to leave this place to give space for the next generation. The next generation needs sufficient space for comfortable living, energy and all fundamental things that their predecessors consumed. That’s the law of nature.

An immortal life which is offered by modern medicine is just like today offering sweets to make you their customer for tomorrow, this will not give any more happiness to humans. It will be more traumatic. Immortal life would be more traumatic. Modern science will have to rewrite the configuration set by nature with some artificial coding that can generate everlasting joy. In our struggle to earn money, we cry a lot. Our cry reminds us of the real value of joy that we usually overlook. Our sadness tells us how great happiness is. Our failure tells us what success is. This may be an anomaly, but a system that tells us the edge of two opposites that nature has created. This can be repaired only with the task of changing the coding system of the undefined abstract called the human mind to reset the thought process. But that is impossible, as impossible as the human desire for immortality. Immortality will be another disaster, which Tithonus had suffered out of the boon of immortality that he got for loving Eos, the Greek Goddess of dawn. Every wish against nature becomes vicious.