An amalgamation by nature

Nov 8, 2022

Every creation is the result of a positive and negative combination.

Nature integrates two opposing things and creates harmony, though humans discover discrimination and prejudice. We ride our energy-filled life cycle on the harmonious blend of disparities!

Nature maintains a cosmic mystery in every creation of life. How beautifully everything is in place on the earth is a stunning reality. The combinations that nature makes within everything are astonishing. With incredible power, nature blends divergent aspects and opposing elements for our harmonious living. We see in it an astute amalgamation of two divergences. They are desirably fascinating as days change into nights in a cycle. Light has its relevance when the dark exists. The darkness calls for the presence of light. Positive and negative coexist as fire and water, summer and winter, male and female, and oxygen and carbon dioxide do. Black and white are opposing colours, but we call it a good combination.

We are rarely conscious of the fact that light has no significance when there is no darkness, and there is no day if there is no night. We have mastered the discovery of identities as good and bad for everything, dark and light, etc.

Without even understanding the hidden beauty of nature and how beautifully everything blends, we named them according to our sense of being a good thing and a bad thing. We started making out right and wrong or positive and negative. We concede both positive and negative as good and bad at times, according to our prospection. A couple looking forward to a child, a pregnancy test positive report is positive. The same may be a piece of negative news for someone not desiring to have a child then.

We often consider black bad and unlucky; white is good and peaceful. That is how we define black and white beyond conceding that they are different shades as our eyes make them out. But why are we judging that one is good and the other is bad? I think something is wrong with our studies or vision. Nature is so sensible and has placed something beautifully beyond our understanding and visualisation. It only indicates the two opposing dispositions but with relative qualities. Both need to walk hand in hand to achieve the ultimate objective. You can visualise this combination as a battery with a plus sign on one side and a negative on the other. It means the opposites link each other to accomplish a mission.

We are grateful to nature for the combination that helps us run our life cycle. Nothing is less important, and nothing has greater importance. Nature shows no prejudice to anything, even if we discriminate against things endlessly.