A “Civilised” Slavery

Sep 26, 2022

No voice against human right violation 

The right to live a life is the most fundamental right to everyone on the earth, because every creation is the creation of nature. Nature creates everything with space for everyone to live freely too without violating other’s kingdom and obstructing others’ life. But human beings subjugate everything on the planet. Within the human world, there is another kind of subjugation by way of setting a frame of rules that further cut human freedom according to the wish of the ruling class. 

Over billions of years, human beings have undergone significant evolution. But savagery ambushed within the human mind has undergone no evolution. The human kingdom has seen the ruling class legitimising all human rights violations through a set of rules and regulations. The Pandemic Act, which has restrained people’s movement within their premise, is one of the best examples. Such rules allowed under the so-called commonly accepted constitution could ultimately make modern republics no different from feudal states of ancient and medieval ages. Restrictions imposed on the movement of people in the name of a pandemic have exposed this fact. No one wants to cry against human rights violations now. The pandemic has justifiably levelled the human rights with the human wrongs wantonly.

I have said, no other living beings on the planet may have killed the same race so much as human beings have done. Barbarians hadn’t killed as many of their fellow beings as their civilised successors had done ever since the concept of ruling class and predatory tendencies among people emerged.

While tyrants have enough for their notoriety of mass murders, historians may have lost count of sectarian violence that culminated into butchering of human beings. The farther the historians had gone, more could they unravel barbaric executions of human beings. That was a ruthless denial of human rights. So heavily blood-thirsty were the race of sapiens, who eventually claimed no short of civilisational achievements.

Killings in rage and controlling all human rights without being enemies apparently are the same actions. If a thirsty person is denied water, hungry is not given food, shelter-less is not sheltered and naked is not given cloth, then the action is no less than murdering them. As we become more modern, humans discovered new ways of controlling their fellow beings in a more sophisticated style by denying them their basic needs.

From the primate stage, the human being has seen a drastic genetic drift and in gaining better sagacity. There is no denying that human beings have physically and mentally evolved. Despite billions of years long evolving, genes of beasts seemed to have trapped inside the civilised sapiens. Some psychology remained intact, so did the human characters of sadism. Our environments have changed beyond recognition over the years, which led to a social change. Still, the genes that influence human behaviour didn’t see a great change from that of wild beasts.

If feudal lords had their own laws to control their people, the rulers of the modern State have what they require to control the people. While feudal lords had their unrefined ways of ruling, modern republics have adopted a new genre of the same system, but in a fashionably documented manner. People of the state had no difference to feel for being better than the era of feudal lords. On the other side, the kingdom of other animals had seen no evolution. They fought no destructive war that had perished generations. But the human world had despite having ruling frameworks and a self-observing code of ethics for social behaviour.

The human world has a long history of slavery, by which human beings used to treat fellow beings like animals. More powerful used to dominate and discriminate the less powerful. These dominating and discriminating tendencies still continue unquestionably in various ways. Curtailing individual freedom only means slavery, maybe in varying degrees. That way, the modern State is behaving in no less manner than owners of slaves used to behave. For one or the other reasons, modern rulers used to enforce one or the other regulations always on people. We have seen it through dictatorial enforcement of regulations on the movement of people in the name of the pandemic by governments all over the world, more spectacularly in countries like India. The rule was equally stricter where the pandemic was not heard of, keeping aside all common senses.

Many people suffered hugely from the blind enforcement of lockdown, though they were able to live safely from the pandemic with enough precautions. This fact I mentioned several times in various blogs. Once the government curtails individual freedom, that is attributed to making the people slave of the law enforcers. The adamant law enforcers hardly look at humanitarian aspects making themselves the instruments of thuggish rulers.

The modern rulers do this by fine-prints of laws, which I say, sometimes, violate fundamental human rights. No one, including those who cry against punishing hardcore criminals with capital punishment, would cry against this. The reason is simple, while the rich can live in richness without any pandemic, economic crises or other disasters, the poor can live a life only if they work daily for their livelihood. We have seen, the more human beings become modern, the higher they develop a tendency to dominate the less privileged.

As we developed modern states with geographic boundaries as well as regimes bound by a constitution and that is governed by laws, we have legitimised all restrictions placed on citizens. This has made state actors the owners of all powers to rule people according to their whims. In the name of law and orders, rulers legitimise their harsh approach and impose orders, which are illogical. Every ruler has their interests. Nevertheless, every time they are not right.

Flocks of animals care for each other, better than human beings do for their society. Every wildlife picture signifies it. Flocks in unity resist their predators in their territory. When compared with us, they are, despite not being as civilized like us, far better than the boastful civilized beings.

When I saw the pandemic restrictions on the movement of ordinary citizens who cannot live a day without wage, I couldn’t stop finding some rules which are not less than a law that legitimizes slavery and human right violation. Such human right violation is wrapped in a gift box, which seems to have tricked apostles of human rights, who have the habit of crying non-stop. But they also have stopped their response machine now.