Why do you feel cheerful and happy when you reach a beautiful valley full of

flowers and lush greenery? Why doesn’t your city balcony view give you that

feeling? The answer to this question is why we are on the path to build this


Today, technology and artificial intelligence overpower the human world, and

we depend on them for everything. The shackles around us prevent us from

seeking bliss.

Being an author and a socially committed person, Sajikumar always had the

dream of making a community of like-minded people to bring a change! A

change that yields good to the well-being of the human mind and the ultimate

care for nature. Through his observations of human behaviour and the

inconsistency of life, he developed a keen interest in psychology, particularly

how modern world technology is encroaching upon people’s peace of mind.

He realized that many individuals have become overly reliant on technology.

Even in his closest circle, he could find people who stay fit and healthy outside

but are devastated from inside due to the pathetic mindset they have towards

life. Instead of getting irritated, which most people do, he motivates people to

move around in nature more and get their minds and bodies decluttered by

practicing the sense of embracing less and experiencing more, through simple

techniques and habits. Happiness is a state of mind, and as he always says, it’s a

practice to tame your mindset.

While we talk a lot about an active body and a healthy diet, It is not complete to

live the fullest life; indeed, a calm and controlled mind is required. There are no

specific rules or regulations for this community, and no criteria to roll in,

neither have any enrolling fee. No spirituality is nurtured, no eating rules, no

hardships against your will, nothing! “SADJEEVANAM” offer you happiness

and blissful lives by making you rediscover the key to happiness that lies within

you. Our responsibility is to help people put the key in the right place.

“SADJEEVANAM” believes that we are here to live a happy life with other

species. Therefore, we must unlearn some conventional learning and stop

running behind comfort and greed.

He has helped hundreds of individuals so far to overcome their overly reliant

habit on technology and revive their damned inner happiness, peace of mind,

and disrupted daily routines and lifestyles.

His potential interaction in shifting people’s mindsets was impactful, and thus,

from his ethos and vision emerged the inception of our community


Come join us for a smiling from inside

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